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Spirit of the Brave by Diesel

Spirit of the Brave by Diesel
Gender: Men
Release date: 2019
Perfumer: Carlos Benaïm
Brand: Diesel

Key Notes of Spirit of the Brave

What Does Spirit of the Brave Smell Like

Spirit of the Brave by Diesel starts off with a sharp, citrusy punch from the bergamot, immediately followed by the somewhat exotic and earthy aroma of galbanum. The penetrating initial scent transitions into a decidedly forest-like middle, imbued with the resinous warmth of fir balsam and subtle, herbal undertones of cypress. As the fragrance settles, it develops into a noticeable synthetic and fresh fragrance that is laced with a spicy, sweet and woody resonance. The final act of this olfactory show sees the rich, almost-leathery scent of labdanum blending seamlessly with the mildly sweet, almond-like aroma of tonka bean. Overall, Spirit of the Brave leaves a lasting impression with its bold synthesis of diverse notes, creating an earthy, spicy, and subtly sweet aroma. Yet, despite its complexity, the fragrance retains a certain freshness which adds to its charm. It's a fragrance that evokes images of a rugged, open landscape – a panoramic view of wild forests, rare herbs and the hint of sweet treats in the distant campfire.

Review of Spirit of the Brave

Spirit of the Brave by Diesel is a perfume that caters primarily to a male audience, with a particular appeal to the younger demographic. Its formulation is somewhat synthetic, but this doesn't detract from the overall scent, which is a stimulating mix of fresh, spicy, and sweet elements. Woody and citrus undertones add a layer of complexity, with a hint of green and fruity notes for balance.

This perfume is versatile enough to be worn across various seasons, although it shines brightest in the spring, where its fresh, green elements can truly come to the forefront. Summer and fall closely follow, with the perfume's sweet and woody notes complementing these seasons well. Winter is least suited, but the perfume's resinous and fougère base still holds its own in colder climates.

Spirit of the Brave is a casual scent, perfect for leisure activities and day-to-day wear. It's a confident choice for the office, but might not be the first pick for a night out or sport events. The perfume's longevity is not exceptional, which might necessitate an extra spritz or two throughout the day.

The scent is not overpowering, with a sillage that is just right. It lingers in the air without being intrusive, leaving a trail that is pleasantly noticeable. In terms of value, Spirit of the Brave is a reasonable choice for those looking for a versatile perfume that can transition across different occasions and seasons.

In conclusion, Spirit of the Brave by Diesel is a fresh and spicy perfume that may not be the most unique scent on the market, but its versatility and pleasant mix of notes make it a solid choice for men, particularly those in the younger age group.

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