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Dior Addict by Dior

Dior Addict by Dior
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 2014
Brand: Dior

What Does Dior Addict Smell Like

Dior Addict by Dior is a women's perfume that exudes a sweet, floral, and oriental fragrance with a touch of spice and a powdery undertone. The scent opens with the fresh, citrus aroma of mandarin orange leaf, which is balanced by the pleasantly fragrant Tunisian orange blossom. These top notes intertwine to create a light and inviting introduction to the perfume.

As the scent develops, the middle note of jasmine sambac absolute reveals itself, adding a rich and exotic floral layer to the composition. The jasmine lends an air of elegance and depth to the overall fragrance, complementing the citrusy and floral top notes well.

As the perfume reaches its base, the prominent note of bourbon vanilla takes center stage. The warm, sweet, and slightly spicy vanilla aroma adds a sense of indulgence and luxury to the scent, while also providing a smooth and powdery finish. This dominating base note ties the composition together, resulting in a well-rounded and beautifully balanced fragrance that is both sweet and floral, with an oriental and spicy touch.

Review of Dior Addict

Dior Addict by Dior, released in 2014, is an eau de parfum primarily designed for women. The perfume is best suited for women who prefer sweet fragrances with a touch of floral and oriental notes. This scent composition makes it a perfect choice for winter and fall seasons, adding warmth and depth during the colder months.

The perfume opens with a sweet and floral aroma, which can be attributed to the 22% sweetness and 19% floral notes in its composition. As it develops on the skin, the oriental and spicy aspects become more pronounced, providing an interesting and alluring contrast. The powdery, creamy, and gourmand elements give the scent a comforting and indulgent feel, while the subtle woody undertones add a touch of earthiness.

In terms of occasions, Dior Addict is best worn during evening events and night-outs, as it exudes a sense of elegance and allure that complements such settings. However, it can also be worn during leisure activities or on a daily basis for those who prefer a more prominent scent that leaves a lasting impression.

With its long-lasting and noticeable sillage, Dior Addict offers good value for those looking for a perfume that will make a statement. Overall, this eau de parfum is an ideal choice for women who enjoy sweet, floral scents with a dash of oriental and spicy complexity during the colder seasons.

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