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Dior Homme Original by Dior

Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Men
Release date: 2011
Brand: Dior

Key Notes of Dior Homme Original

What Does Dior Homme Original Smell Like

Dior Homme Original by Dior brings forth a woody and spicy scent combined with a sweet and powdery aroma. Upon first spray, one is treated to the warmth of lavender balanced with herbal notes of sage, while bergamot adds a citrusy touch. As it develops, an exotic blend of cocoa, florentine iris absolute and amber sets in for an indulging experience. At its dry down stage this masculine scent is anchored by earthy Haitian vetiver paired with smoky leather supported further by patchouli’s pungent deepness to create an alluring endnote.

Review of Dior Homme Original

Dior Homme Original by Dior is a timeless and classic Eau de Toilette for men. Its powdery and woody scent, with hints of sweetness from the gourmand and floral notes, creates an alluring intensity that will last all day long. Perfectly balanced with spicy undertones, this fragrance is suitable for any man looking for a sophisticated signature scent. It is best worn to evenings out or special occasions such as business meetings; its presence will be felt throughout the night without overpowering others. While its elegant presentation comes at a price, it's worth every penny to make every occasion feel special.

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