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Dune by Dior

Dune by Dior
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Women
Release date: 1991
Brand: Dior

What Does Dune Smell Like

Dune by Dior is a women's perfume that has a woody and spicy character at its core, with floral and oriental notes adding to its complexity. As you first experience the fragrance, an initial burst of aldehydes greets your senses, giving the perfume a sharp, clean impression. This is quickly followed by the sweet and warm scent of Brazilian rosewood, combined with the zesty hints of mandarin orange and bergamot. A subtle, powdery peony note adds a delicate floral touch to the opening.

As the perfume develops, a rich bouquet of flowers emerges, with the sweet and exotic scent of jasmine and the soft, fragrant aroma of lily taking center stage. Delicate rose and ylang-ylang notes add further depth to the heart of the fragrance, evoking a sense of lush, blooming gardens.

In the base, the woody nature of Dune comes to the forefront, with the smooth, creamy scent of sandalwood dominating. Earthy and slightly sweet musk and patchouli notes add warmth and depth, while the mysterious scent of ambergris and the resinous sweetness of benzoin provide a touch of luxury. Finally, the unmistakable hints of oakmoss and vanilla round out the fragrance, lending it a comforting, familiar finish that lingers on the skin.

Review of Dune

Dune by Dior, released in 1991, is an Eau de Toilette for women that has stood the test of time. With a predominantly woody and spicy profile, this perfume boasts notable floral and oriental notes, as well as hints of powder, sweetness, and a touch of freshness. Its diverse scent combination makes it a suitable choice for a variety of occasions and seasons.

The perfume is most favored during fall, with spring and summer following closely behind, and it also holds its own during the colder winter months. It's ideal for evenings and nights out, but it can also be worn for daily activities, leisure, and even business events.

Dune's longevity is impressive, ensuring that the wearer can enjoy its scent for extended periods. Its sillage, or the trail that the scent leaves behind, is moderate, making it detectable without being overpowering. This balanced combination of longevity and projection delivers good value for the price.

In conclusion, Dune by Dior is a versatile women's fragrance with a rich blend of woody, spicy, floral, and oriental notes, accompanied by a hint of sweetness and freshness. Its impressive longevity and moderate sillage make it a worthy investment for those seeking a distinctive scent for various occasions and seasons.

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