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Fahrenheit Absolute by Dior

Fahrenheit Absolute by Dior
Gender: Men
Release date: 2009
Brand: Dior

Key Notes of Fahrenheit Absolute

What Does Fahrenheit Absolute Smell Like

Fahrenheit Absolute by Dior opens with a distinct scent of myrrh and violet. The myrrh lends a rich, resinous sweetness, while the violet brings a soft, powdery floral touch. These are harmoniously intertwined with gentle aromatic notes creating a nuanced and captivating opening.

As the perfume unfolds, a bold leather note cuts through the initial sweetness, adding a raw, masculine edge. This is beautifully paired with a hint of frankincense, which introduces a touch of smoky mystery to the scent profile.

In the dry down, Fahrenheit Absolute reveals its true character. The base is decidedly oriental, resulting in an exotic, spicy and woody finale. This is combined with a subtle undertone of oud, contributing an earthy depth to the overall scent.

In summary, Fahrenheit Absolute is a wonderfully balanced fragrance, striking the perfect blend between spicy and woody, sweet and smoky, soft and raw. It's a modern, masculine scent that's bold yet approachable, perfect for the confident and discerning man.

Review of Fahrenheit Absolute

Dior's Fahrenheit Absolute is a distinctly masculine fragrance, perfect for those who prefer their scents on the bold side. Its oriental and spicy notes intertwine effortlessly to create a warm and robust aroma, with hints of smoky woods and rich leather adding depth and complexity. There's an almost resinous quality to it as well, which lends the fragrance a satisfyingly full-bodied character.

This perfume really comes into its own in the colder months, particularly in the autumn and winter. The spicy, woody heart of the fragrance feels like a cosy, comforting embrace against the chill. It's ideally suited to evening occasions or a night out, where its distinct aroma can truly shine.

Fahrenheit Absolute's longevity is pretty impressive, lingering on the skin for hours without losing its potency, while its sillage leaves a memorable trail. Given its rich and robust character, it's understandable that this isn't a scent for everyone. However, for those who appreciate a bold, masculine fragrance with depth and complexity, Fahrenheit Absolute is a worthy investment.

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