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Higher by Dior

Higher by Dior
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Men
Release date: 2001
Brand: Dior

Key Notes of Higher

What Does Higher Smell Like

Upon first encounter, Higher by Dior unveils itself with a lively and crisp scent, courtesy of the dominant citrus notes mingled with a subtle hint of pear. The initial tangy, bright aroma is gently tempered by a small hint of basil and peach, adding an unexpected yet delightful twist.

As the scent evolves, the herbaceous character of rosemary takes center stage, imparting a pleasant, medicinal-like aroma. This is closely followed by a touch of various spices that add a subtle heat to the overall scent. The presence of cypress lends an earthy and slightly resinous undertone, grounding the perfume's middle notes.

As the perfume dries down, the aroma further unfolds with a clear scent of pear tree wood, which lends a robust yet pleasingly sweet and woody smell to the base. This is softened by the familiar clean scent of musk, adding a layer of depth and warmth to the overall fragrance.

In summary, Higher by Dior is a symphony of smells that starts off with a burst of citrusy freshness, gets spiced up with a dash of rosemary and spices, and finally settles into a comfortable, woody-musk aroma.

Review of Higher

Dior's Higher (2001) is a distinctly masculine scent, ideal for those who enjoy the invigorating freshness of citrus and fruity notes. This eau de toilette is a stimulating blend where citrus and fresh elements take the lead, with subtle undertones of spicy, green, and woody notes adding depth. Its synthetic component may not appeal to all, but it lends an interesting twist to the scent. Designed predominantly for the warmer months, this perfume is a bright and lively addition to your daily routine, adding a touch of vibrancy to casual outings and business settings alike. Though lighter in its sillage and longevity, the scent doesn't completely fade away, instead it lingers close to the skin. With its moderate price point, Higher by Dior is a refreshing choice for those seeking a lively, active scent, especially during spring and summer seasons where its fresh and fruity notes can truly shine.

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