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Miss Dior by Dior

Miss Dior by Dior
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Women
Release date: 2019
Brand: Dior

What Does Miss Dior Smell Like

Straight from the bottle, Miss Dior by Dior greets you with a bright, colorful aroma of blood orange, intertwined with the tangy zest of mandarin orange. It's an immediate and juicy citrus scent that feels like a crisp morning in a sunlit orchard, where the air is thick with the scent of fruit on the tree.

As the initial zest fades, the perfume gently transitions into a floral heart. The sweet scent of blooming jasmine intertwines with the soft, innocent aroma of lily of the valley. Then there's the subtle inclusion of May rose, a tender, gentle floral accent that adds an extra layer of depth to the fragrance, like a garden coming to life after an early morning rain.

Rounding off this sensory journey is the earthy, woody scent of Indonesian patchouli that lingers in the background. It's a quiet but distinct anchor to the perfume, like a forest floor blanketed in fallen leaves, that adds a grounded sense to the otherwise vibrant bouquet. Overall, the scent is floral and sweet, with a hint of citrus freshness and a lightly powdery undertone. It's akin to a colorful, lively garden in full bloom, grounded by the richness of earth.

Review of Miss Dior

Miss Dior by Dior, an Eau de Toilette released in 2019, is an alluring blend of floral, sweet and fruity notes that particularly resonates with women. The scent is predominantly floral with a hint of sweetness, making it an excellent choice for those who appreciate feminine and romantic fragrances. The warmth of blood orange and mandarin orange gives it an appealing freshness, while the jasmine, lily of the valley and May rose lend a vibrant floral heart. A subtle hint of Indonesian patchouli adds a touch of depth and richness to the base.

This perfume shines during the spring season, but it also transitions well into summer and fall. It's versatile enough for various occasions, whether you're going to work or enjoying a leisurely day out. However, it may fall short when it comes to longevity, which might require a reapplication throughout the day.

Overall, Miss Dior is a beautiful, sweet, and feminine fragrance that's perfect for women who enjoy floral and fruity scents. It carries a sense of elegance and freshness, but may require a spritz or two more for those long days or nights. Despite its shortcomings in terms of longevity, its charming, romantic appeal could very well make it a worthy addition to your fragrance collection.

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