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L'Eau de L'Eau by Diptyque

L'Eau de L'Eau by Diptyque
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2008
Brand: Diptyque

Key Notes of L'Eau de L'Eau

What Does L'Eau de L'Eau Smell Like

L'Eau de L'Eau by Diptyque greets the nose with a lively blend of citrus elements. The sharp and tangy scent of grapefruit is at the forefront, accented by the refreshing tartness of lemon and the sweet fragrance of mandarin orange. An unmistakable note of petitgrain adds an earthy undertone to the citrusy opening.

The perfume's heart unfolds with a strong presence of spices. The warm, sweet aroma of cinnamon intertwines with the rich, intense scent of cloves, lending the fragrance a distinctly spicy character. Geranium adds a floral touch with its rosy, green scent, accompanied by the zesty kick of ginger, the calming herbaceous smell of lavender, and the subtly sweet and spicy scent of pink pepper. The floral note of orange blossom adds a gentle hint of freshness, enhancing the overall character of the heart notes.

As the perfume settles, the base notes emerge with the balsamic, vanilla-like scent of benzoin combined with the earthy, sweet aroma of tonka bean. A hint of patchouli, with its slightly dark, woody scent, adds depth to the fragrance, creating a lasting impression. Overall, L'Eau de L'Eau is predominantly a spicy, fresh, and citrusy scent with a hint of floral and green undertones.

Review of L'Eau de L'Eau

Diptyque's L'Eau de L'Eau is a fragrance that dances between tradition and modernity. Released in 2008, this perfume offers an intriguing blend of spicy, fresh, and citrusy notes. It's reminiscent of a summer breeze in a lush, fragrant garden, making it an ideal choice for warm-weather wear, especially during the breezy days of spring and the sultry afternoons of summer.

Despite the unisex label, it has a slightly higher appeal to men, who seem drawn to the perfume's crisp and invigorating scent. The prominent notes of grapefruit, lemon, and mandarin orange, combined with spicy undertones of cinnamon and clove, create an aroma that is simultaneously stimulating and soothing.

However, despite its vibrant scent profile, L'Eau de L'Eau falls a bit short when it comes to longevity and sillage. The scent may fade faster than desired, which may require reapplication throughout the day. Nonetheless, its refreshing aroma makes each application a pleasant experience.

This perfume fits comfortably in a variety of scenarios, from leisurely weekends to daily office wear. The invigorating citrusy-spicy blend adds an energetic aura to casual outings, and a respectable subtlety to business environments. It's not too overpowering for a night out, but might be a touch too bold for sporty activities.

In terms of value, L'Eau de L'Eau offers a unique scent that's hard to find elsewhere. However, its lack of staying power could be a deal-breaker for some potential users. Ultimately, this perfume is for those who appreciate a modern twist on classic, citrusy and spicy scents, and don't mind the occasional touch-up during the day.

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