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FleurTeese by Dita von Teese

FleurTeese by Dita von Teese
Gender: Women
Release date: 2013

Key Notes of FleurTeese

What Does FleurTeese Smell Like

FleurTeese by Dita von Teese opens with a crisp, citrusy burst of bergamot, accompanied by the exotic and honeyed aroma of Casablanca lily and the intense, warm floral scent of jasmine sambac. This initial combination is both fresh and sweet, with a sophisticated hint of spiciness.

As the scent develops, the bouquet of middle notes unfurls. Dominating this transition is the sumptuous fragrance of purple lilac, which has a powdery, slightly sweet smell that's reminiscent of a blooming spring garden. Iris contributes a cool, earthy, and slightly sweet floral note to the blend, while heliotrope supplies a touch of almond-like sweetness with a hint of vanilla.

The dry-down reveals a comforting base of soft, animalistic musk, which lends a powdery and slightly sweet aura to the fragrance. It’s met with the smoothing, mildly sweet scent of cedarwood, while the creamy, warm, and slightly woody hint of sandalwood ties everything together.

Overall, FleurTeese by Dita von Teese is a distinctly floral and powdery fragrance with sweet, fresh, and woody undertones. It evolves from a bright, sharply floral opening to a more subtle, comforting, and earthy finish. The scent progression mimics a full day of blooming flowers, from dawn's first light to the setting sun.

Review of FleurTeese

FleurTeese by Dita von Teese, launched in 2013, is a scent that plays to the timeless charm of classic floral fragrances. It's a scent that is crafted for women, with a distinct leaning towards those who prefer traditional yet fresh notes. It's evident that the perfume's heart is rooted in floral and powdery essences, with a crisp hint of freshness.

One of the distinctive aspects of FleurTeese is the seasonality it embraces. It beautifully harmonises with the vibrant freshness of spring and the sunny breeziness of summer. Its versatility also extends to cooler fall months, adding a delicate touch of warmth to the air. However, it underperforms slightly in winter, potentially due to its predominantly light and airy composition.

In terms of usage, FleurTeese is a companion for an array of occasions. A daily spritz for work, a leisurely weekend, or an evening event, this perfume adapts well. However, its sillage and longevity may not stand up to long night-outs, requiring a reapplication to maintain its presence.

Despite its all-around usability, the perfume does have a slight synthetic undertone, particularly detectable to those familiar with natural scents. Nevertheless, it's a modestly priced fragrance that offers decent value for its composition and versatility.

In conclusion, FleurTeese by Dita von Teese is a fitting choice for women who appreciate floral, powdery fragrances with a kick of freshness. It's an everyday perfume, adaptable to different seasons and occasions. While it does have room for improvement in terms of longevity and sillage, it remains a worthy contender in its price range.

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