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Black Cashmere by DKNY

Black Cashmere by DKNY
Gender: Women
Release date: 2002
Brand: DKNY

What Does Black Cashmere Smell Like

Black Cashmere by DKNY presents a heady, spicy scent dominated by a bold accent of frankincense. This scent is both strong and powerful, annunciating a strong presence in the olfactory landscape. In the initial whiff, it mingles with the warm, earthy tone of nutmeg, which enhances the perfume's overall character. The subtly rich and spicy hint of saffron adds a layer of intricacy to this perfume, making it more complex and varied.

As the perfume unfolds, there is a notable presence of clove, adding a spicy and slightly sweet aroma, while the white pepper introduces a distinctly peppery nuance. The barely perceptible rose note infuses an undercurrent of romance into the composition without overpowering it.

The perfume's final act begins to unfold with Africa wenge wood, lending a deep, woody aroma that is simultaneously exotic and comforting. The second appearance of frankincense, this time hailing from Ethiopia, bestows a resinous depth to the scent while the amber adds a warm and cozy feel. Patchouli and vanilla subtly wrap up the composition, adding a sweet, earthy finale to this dark and intriguing scent. Overall, Black Cashmere by DKNY is a rich, spicy, and woody perfume with smoky and resinous undertones.

Review of Black Cashmere

Black Cashmere by DKNY is a bold fragrance that's not for the faint-hearted. It's a rich, magnetic perfume that focuses on a strong, confident woman's tastes. The blend of spicy, oriental, and woody notes creates a mystifying scent that is both warm and intriguing. The smokiness adds a bold layer to the perfume that complements the woody and resinous elements, making it perfect for the chill of winter and the crispness of fall. Black Cashmere is an evening scent, alluring and intoxicating, making it an ideal companion for a night out. But the earthy undertones allow it to work well for leisure times too, adding a comforting element to the composition. Its longevity is impressive, sticking around to make a statement. However, its sillage is moderate, it doesn't shout but whispers seductively to those close enough to experience it. Despite its predominantly sweet and animalic notes, the scent leans more towards the mature side rather than the youthful, making it a perfect choice for women who appreciate a touch of complexity in their fragrances.

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