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Pure DKNY - Vanilla by DKNY

Pure DKNY - Vanilla by DKNY
Gender: Women
Release date: 2010
Brand: DKNY

Key Notes of Pure DKNY - Vanilla

What Does Pure DKNY - Vanilla Smell Like

Pure DKNY - Vanilla by DKNY is a women's fragrance that opens with a dominant, creamy vanilla aroma. This wave of sweetness is not overpowering but instead unrolls gently, painting a picture of warm, inviting comfort. After the initial vanilla note has settled, the fragrance begins to unfold its floral heart. Here, the delicate scent of freesia takes the lead, its natural freshness gracefully intertwined with the subtly aquatic scent of lotus. The gentle hints of exotic orchid and the deep, romantic essence of Bulgarian rose further enrich this bouquet, lending a soft, powdery charm to the perfume.

As the fragrance settles, it reveals its base notes, a blend that leans towards the woody side. The creamy, deep smell of sandalwood complements the sweetness of the vanilla perfectly and adds a slightly earthy undertone that grounds the scent. Meanwhile, the resinous, warm scent of amber adds depth and a touch of mystery to the mix, rounding out the perfume and leaving a lingering, sweetly floral impression with a hint of woodiness. Overall, Pure DKNY - Vanilla by DKNY is a comforting, sweet, floral, and subtly woody fragrance that offers a captivating scent journey.

Review of Pure DKNY - Vanilla

Pure DKNY - Vanilla by DKNY is a perfume that boasts a distinctive floral, fresh, and sweet scent profile. Predominantly designed for women, it veers away from being overly feminine with intriguing woody and synthetic notes. Its heart is a powdery vanilla that's cozy yet not excessively sweet, making it a comforting choice for daily wear, business settings, or leisurely days out.

While it's fitting for all seasons, it particularly shines during spring and summer when its fresh elements can really come to life. Despite that, it doesn't shy away from fall and winter, bringing warmth and a touch of sweetness to colder months.

In terms of longevity, it's moderate, making it a good fit for those who don't want an overpowering scent that lasts all day. The sillage is somewhat soft, suggesting an intimate aura that won't overwhelm those around you. Overall, its reasonable price point combined with its versatile characteristics makes Pure DKNY - Vanilla a scent worth considering.

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