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The One Luminous Night by Dolce & Gabbana

The One Luminous Night by Dolce & Gabbana
Gender: Men
Release date: 2021

Key Notes of The One Luminous Night

What Does The One Luminous Night Smell Like

The One Luminous Night by Dolce & Gabbana opens with an immediate hit of the peppy and vibrant bergamot, chased by an undercurrent of sharp black pepper. Just behind these lie the cool touch of basil giving the initial impression a slightly green edge. As the top notes begin to dissolve, you are led into a somewhat unexpected heart of sweet dates. It's like a sugar-dusted fruit that's been allowed to ripen perfectly, resulting in an intoxicating sweetness. The dates are supported by a backdrop of the floral, minty aroma of geranium, and a barely-there hint of the herbal, somewhat earthy sage.

As the perfume continues to mature on the skin, the base notes start to reveal themselves. Warm amber dominates, giving the scent a rich, deep quality, like sunlight glowing through honey. The creamy and slightly powdery nature of sandalwood plays a significant role, complementing the amber flawlessly while smoothing out the perfume's entire body. Lastly, there's the frankincense, adding a final veil of resinous, slightly sweet, smoky charm to the overall blend. The conclusion is a combination of sweetness, spice, and wood that is equal parts intriguing and comforting.

Review of The One Luminous Night

The One Luminous Night by Dolce & Gana is a perfume that took a bold approach in 2021. Its defining characteristics lie in its sweet and oriental scent, underpinned by a distinct spiciness. The woody and fruity elements provide depth and complexity without being overwhelming. The smoky, resinous, gourmand, and creamy hints are like the finishing touches on a well-crafted painting, adding just enough nuance to make the fragrance intriguing.

The perfume's scent is intense and long-lasting, making it a good choice for those looking for a scent that will carry them through an evening out or a leisurely occasion. It's not necessarily an everyday perfume, but rather one that shines in the colder seasons of fall and winter. The scent is beautiful and quite noticeable—guaranteed to leave an impression.

However, The One Luminous Night is not a fragrance for everyone. Its rich and robust composition leans more towards men's preferences, as it carries a mature and confident vibe. Younger audiences may find it a bit too heavy, and women may find it leans too masculine.

While it does have a subtle sweetness, reinforced by the presence of fruity tones and a hint of creaminess, the strong oriental, spicy, and woody elements take centre stage. This dominant character might not be for everyone, but if you're a fan of bold scents that make a statement, it's certainly worth a try.

In terms of value, it's fair to say that the price tag matches the quality and sophistication that Dolce & Gabbana brings to the table with The One Luminous Night. While it may be a bit pricey, those who appreciate a well-crafted, strong, and long-lasting scent will find it a worthy investment.

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