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The Only One by Dolce & Gabbana

The Only One by Dolce & Gabbana
Concentration: Eau de Parfum Intense
Gender: Women
Release date: 2020
Perfumer: Violaine Collas

What Does The Only One Smell Like

The Only One by Dolce & Gabbana greets you with a vibrant burst of green apple and mandarin orange, both perfectly balanced by the light, subtle aura of neroli. It's a fresh and fruity introduction that soon gives way to the heart of the fragrance where things take a decidedly sweet and floral turn. The bold, exotic scent of jasmine absolute takes center stage here, enveloping you in its intoxicating charm. This is beautifully paired with the delicate scent of orange blossom, adding a sense of lightness to the composition. Unexpectedly, a hint of creamy coconut weaves its way through the floral notes, adding a luscively gourmand layer to the scent. As the perfume settles, it reveals a base of cashmere wood and cedarwood, lending a warm, earthy undertone. This woodiness is subtly amplified by a touch of smooth, sweet vanilla. The final result is a perfume that truly embodies its name: The Only One. It's a scent that is at once captivating and comforting, bold yet balanced, and leaves a lasting impression without ever being overwhelming.

Review of The Only One

Dolce & Gabbana's The Only One Eau de Parfum Intense is a perfume that doesn't shy away from making a statement. You'll first notice a sweet, almost nectar-like scent that suggests strong floral and fruity undertones. It's a perfume that embodies the essence of femininity and is a perfect match for the confident and bold woman. Despite its strong character, the scent is delicately balanced with creamy, gourmand, and powdery notes that add a surprising softness to the mixture. This blend proves not to be overly cloying, but welcomingly warm, making it ideal for cooler seasons such as fall and winter. The perfume's longevity and sillage add a touch of allure, allowing the scent to linger on the skin and leave a memorable trail. Best worn for evening events or a night out, The Only One also finds its place in more casual settings. Offering above average value, this perfume is a worthy addition to your collection.

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