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Ambery Tuberose by Dossier

Dossier Ambery Tuberose dupe of Diptyque's  Do Son
Gender: Women
Release date: 2022
Brand: Dossier

Key Notes of Ambery Tuberose

What Does Ambery Tuberose Smell Like

Dossier Ambery Tuberose perfume draws inspiration from the natural, opulent scent of the tuberose flower, native to Mexico. Upon first spritz, your senses are met with the subtle sweetness of orange blossom and the classic floral scent of rose, which quickly awakens your senses. This initial scent profile lends a femininity to the fragrance which is both classic and contemporary.

As the perfume settles, the star of the show, the tuberose note, shines through, accompanied by the complementing scent of daffodil. The tuberose's rich, full-bodied aroma pairs beautifully with the lighter, slightly sweet scent of daffodil, creating a floral heart that is distinctive and prominent without being overpowering.

The base notes of benzoin, musk, and orris ground the fragrance with their warm, resinous, and slightly powdery undertones. The benzoin adds a sublimely sweet and warm aroma, while the musk imparts a touch of sensuality. Orris, with its slightly floral and woody scent, nicely rounds out the perfume, ensuring it doesn't veer too far into the overly sweet or floral territory.

Overall, Dossier Ambery Tuberose perfume is a beautifully constructed floral fragrance that is rich and distinctive, yet not overpowering - a tribute to the captivating scent of tuberose. The blend of floral and warm, resinous base notes creates a scent profile that is simultaneously deep and uplifting.

Review of Ambery Tuberose

Dossier’s Ambery Tuberose is a perfume that stands on its own, but its likeness to Diptyque's Do Son is undeniable. Available at a fraction of the cost ($29 compared to $98), this dupe interpretation provides a great alternative for those who want luxury without the steep price tag.

In terms of scent, Ambery Tuberose is a delightful tribute to the tuberose flower, offering a deep floral fragrance with a noticeable touch of amber. While it doesn't match the complexity of Diptyque's Do Son, it's a more than satisfactory substitute for those drawn to tuberose's sweet, slightly spicy scent. The Dossier version lacks some of the original's mystery, but makes up for it with its own charm and simplicity.

The lasting power of the fragrance is respectable for its price point. While it might not last quite as long as Do Son, it holds its own throughout the day and into the night.

Ambery Tuberose is also a great option for those conscious of ethical shopping, as it's vegan, cruelty-free, and uses clean ingredients.

In terms of presentation, the Dossier bottle lacks the aesthetic intrigue of Diptyque's turquoise vessel, but its straightforward, minimalist design is practical and modern.

Overall, while the Dossier version doesn't quite match the mystique and sophistication of Diptyque's Do Son, it carries its own weight as a lovely, affordable fragrance for those who appreciate deep, floral scents. It's a worthy contender in the realm of perfume dupes and a smart purchase for the budget-conscious fragrance enthusiast.

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