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Bubbly Spritz & Bitters by Dossier

Dossier Bubbly Spritz & Bitters dupe of
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2022
Brand: Dossier

What Does Bubbly Spritz & Bitters Smell Like

Dossier’s Bubbly Spritz & Bitters perfume invites you into a sensory journey that is reminiscent of a sunny, beachside holiday on the Italian Riviera. Upon the first impression, the aroma of juicy orange and bitter orange is vividly prominent, accompanied by the gentle zest of mandarin. The citrusy appeal is enhanced by the slight punchiness of aldehydes, and a floral note from neroli adds a soft touch to the strong citrus front.

As the perfume settles, the heart notes come to the forefront, lending a botanical character to the fragrance. The scent of orange flower is amplified by the green hints of laurel and cedarleaf. Juniper berry imparts a slight sharpness, and artemesa lends a woody undertone, rendering a complex yet pleasing middle layer to the fragrance.

In the dry-down, the base notes offer a warm, resinous element. Vanilla's sweet, creamy essence softens the aromatic symphony, while benzoin brings an ambery sweetness. The smoky touch of incense and the earthy depth of oakmoss add a grounded, soothing finish to the scent. In essence, Bubbly Spritz & Bitters effectively encapsulates an aromatic cocktail, combining citrus elements, floral accents, and warm, comforting undernotes.

Review of Bubbly Spritz & Bitters

Dossier's Bubbly Spritz & Bitters, priced at an affordable $29, is a gender-neutral perfume that aims to replicate the aroma essence of a more high-end fragrance. Encased in a simple and minimalistic bottle, it's a refreshing alternative for those who are budget-conscious but don't want to compromise on the quality of the scent.

Upon initial spritz, the tangy notes of orange and bitter orange are immediately present and captivating, reminding one of an Italian beachside cocktail. The fragrance introduces itself as fresh and inviting, but without being overpoweringly sweet. This initial zest gradually gives way to the more earthy tones of laurel, juniper berry, and cedarleaf. A gentle spray on the skin releases these middle-notes, proffering a more grounded, mature aroma that still maintains that initial fresh charm.

As the day wears on, the vanilla, benzoin, incense, and oakmoss base notes take center stage. Instead of fading away, the fragrance matures and maintains its presence, unfolding its deeper gourmand facets over time. The underlying notes of vanilla and benzoin add an unexpected twist, providing a delightful layer of complexity and depth to the overall scent.

While Bubbly Spritz & Bitters is a notable dupe, it does lack a bit of the richness and longevity found in the original. The scent tends to fade a bit quicker, requiring an additional spritz or two throughout the day. However, given its much lower price point, this trade-off might be acceptable for the budget-savvy perfume enthusiast.

Overall, Dossier's Bubbly Spritz & Bitters is a worthy and affordable alternative, successfully capturing the essence of its more expensive counterpart. Whether you're lounging on the Italian Riviera or navigating the urban jungle, this fragrance has you covered.

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