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Caramelized Lavender & Hazelnut by Dossier

Dossier Caramelized Lavender & Hazelnut dupe of
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2022
Brand: Dossier

Key Notes of Caramelized Lavender & Hazelnut

What Does Caramelized Lavender & Hazelnut Smell Like

Dossier's Caramelized Lavender & Hazelnut perfume is a daring scent that challenges the norms. From the first inhalation, the allure of salted caramelized hazelnut comes forward. This evocative aroma combines a rich, roasted nuttiness with the soothing, buttery sweetness of caramel. It unveils a tantalizing gourmand aspect, generally associated with women’s fragrances.

As the perfume begins to unfold, it intertwines the warm, earthy notes of hazelnut with the aromatic essence of lavender. The lavender introduces a subtly camphorous, slightly sweet, and herbaceous scent, typically found in men’s fragrances. The floral presence of violet and orange flower seamlessly ties in, adding a light, slightly powdery and fragrant citrusy breeze to the scent’s profile.

In the base, the perfume offers an earthy grounding with the woody-insinuating patchouli and vetiver. The scent of suede adds a touch of leathery sophistication, while the ambroxan amplifies the overall aroma with its musky, fresh marine undertones. The result is a perfume that pushes boundaries with its unconventional blending of notes, culminating in an unanticipated symphony of scents, where sweet meets earthy, leathery meets floral, and classic meets contemporary. Overall, this scent provides an aromatic exploration that transcends traditional gender-based scent classifications.

Review of Caramelized Lavender & Hazelnut

Dossier's Caramelized Lavender & Hazelnut perfume is a refreshingly innovative scent, offering a mix of aroma profiles traditionally seen in both men's and women's fragrances. This genderless perfume doesn't play by the rules – it redefines them.

Priced at an affordable $29, this vegan, cruelty-free scent delivers a powerful punch well beyond its cost. It encapsulates a world traditionally divided into masculine and feminine, blending it into a seamless, shared experience. The lavender, a classic note in men's fragrances, is enriched by the sweet warmth of the hazelnut, a gourmand tone often found in women's perfumes. The result is an uncommon, hypnotic blend that can be worn by all.

Despite its low price, this Dossier perfume doesn't compromise on quality or sustainability. The ingredients are clean, and the concentration is impressively high at 18%. This means the scent lingers for hours, allowing you to enjoy the aroma throughout the day. However, this might come off as overpowering to some, especially those who prefer a subtler scent.

In terms of dupe quality, there is a discernible difference between the original and Dossier's version. Although it's not an exact replica, it offers something unique and intriguing, making it a worthy choice for those seeking an alternative to the pricier original.

In conclusion, Dossier's Caramelized Lavender & Hazelnut perfume is a great economical option for those seeking an original, genderless scent. The perfume pushes boundaries, offering a rich, long-lasting fragrance that’s easy on the wallet, while maintaining a commitment to ethical practices. It's not the perfect match for the original, but it brings its unique flavor to the table, making it a worthy addition to your collection.

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