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Floral Aldehydes by Dossier

Dossier Floral Aldehydes dupe of Chanel's  N°5
Gender: Women
Release date: 2022
Brand: Dossier

Key Notes of Floral Aldehydes

What Does Floral Aldehydes Smell Like

Dossier's Floral Aldehydes perfume is a tribute to Chanel's N°5, designed to evoke the same timeless elegance. Upon first contact, the scent delivers clear, bold edges as aldehydes meld with the sweet, spicy undertones of neroli and the zest of bergamot. It creates an immediate, forward impression, bright and assertive.

As the initial intensity softens, the second layer of fragrance comes forward. Ylang-ylang and jasmine unfurl, adding a velvety, floral heart to the perfume. The potent aroma of may rose weaves through these notes, adding depth and richness.

The final layer of the fragrance creates the most lasting impression. Vetiver imparts a soft, woody scent, underscored by the rich, warm tones of sandalwood. Orris, often associated with a clean, powdery aroma, wraps around these base notes, adding a lingering, delicate finish.

Overall, Floral Aldehydes is a bold, clear scent. It showcases a bright, assertive start, a plush, floral heart, and a rich, powdery finish. This homage to Chanel's N°5 successfully captures the iconic perfume's multi-layered narrative, offering a scent that is both nostalgic and modern.

Review of Floral Aldehydes

Dossier's Floral Aldehydes perfume is an inspired alternative to the more costly Chanel N°5. At $29, Floral Aldehydes offers value for any shopper seeking a scent reminiscent of the iconic Chanel fragrance. It captures the distinctly feminine appeal of the original, presenting a scent that is both radiant and powdery, with the same synthetic aldehydes that lend Chanel N°5 its distinctive character.

This perfume echoes Chanel N°5’s luxury and elegance, though it's missing the full depth and complexity of its more expensive counterpart. While Floral Aldehydes captures many of the prominent notes found in Chanel N°5, including aldehydes, neroli, and sandalwood, it can't fully replicate the intricate, multi-layered formulation of the original which includes more than 80 ingredients. However, it's important to note that at a fraction of Chanel's price, Dossier still delivers an appealing, high-quality fragrance.

Wearing Floral Aldehydes will certainly turn heads, much like Chanel N°5, but the cheaper price tag may mean the scent doesn't last as long as the original. It will still provide you with a lovely floral aura, but you may find yourself reapplying it more frequently throughout the day.

The fact that Dossier's perfume is vegan, cruelty-free and made with clean ingredients adds to its appeal, especially for those who value ethical and sustainable choices.

In conclusion, Dossier's Floral Aldehydes is a worthy alternative for those who love Chanel N°5 but are seeking a more affordable option. It offers a similar scent profile, with a few minor shortcomings, but with its own merits such as its ethical production, it's a perfume that stands on its own.

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