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Floral Peony by Dossier

Dossier Floral Peony dupe of Chloe's  Chloe
Gender: Women
Release date: 2022
Brand: Dossier

Key Notes of Floral Peony

What Does Floral Peony Smell Like

The Dossier Floral Peony perfume is reminiscent of a springtime garden, awash in soft, romantic florals. The initial scents that greet your nose are the sweet hints of peony, lychee, and lily. The peony note is particularly noticeable, imparting a fresh, subtly rosy scent that is both gentle and inviting. The lychee adds an unexpected twist, bringing with it a touch of tartness that contrasts nicely with the otherwise floral profile. Lily notes lend a clean, crisp aroma that nicely rounds out the top layer.

As the top notes begin to fade, the heart of the perfume emerges, revealing rich tones of rose, magnolia, and freesia. The rose note is strongly represented, infusing the scent with a traditional, classic floral aroma. The magnolia, on the other hand, adds a certain warmth and depth to the perfume, while the freesia keeps the scent light and airy.

Finally, the perfume settles into its base notes of musk, cedarwood, and honey. The musk lends a soft warmth that grounds the perfume and enhances its longevity. The cedarwood gives a woody undertone, adding a hint of earthiness to the otherwise floral scent. Lastly, the honey provides a subtly sweet closure, bringing a comforting and cozy end to this aromatic journey.

Review of Floral Peony

Dossier's Floral Peony is a remarkable alternative for those who adore the original Chloe's Chloe but are interested in a financially friendly option. Both fragrances embody a sense of refined femininity and romantic elegance; however, Floral Peony offers this experience at a fraction of the cost; a mere $29 compared to Chloe's retail price of $105.

Essentially, you're getting a fragrance that captures the heart of a blooming rose with a flirtatious twist, much like Chloe's Chloe, but without the hefty price tag. The perfume presents a modern interpretation of the traditional rose, which is both free-spirited and enticing. The primary notes of peony, lychee, lily, rose, magnolia, and freesia combine to create a scent that's familiar yet distinctively unique.

One point of difference is the concentration, with Floral Peony offering a 13% concentration. This means the scent may not last as long on the skin compared to Chloe's higher concentration. While it's a minor drawback, the price difference more than compensates for it.

The packaging of each also varies, with Chloe's Chloe showcasing a more sophisticated look with a delicate pink ribbon, while Floral Peony opts for a simpler appearance. This doesn't detract from the quality of the fragrance inside, though.

In summary, Dossier's Floral Peony is an excellent choice for those on a budget who still want to enjoy a high-quality perfume. It captures the essence of Chloe's Chloe, making it an attractive alternative. It does have a lower concentration and simpler packaging, but these are small compromises for the significant price difference.

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