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Fougere Bergamot by Dossier

Dossier Fougere Bergamot dupe of Versace's  Dylan Blue
Gender: Men
Release date: 2022
Brand: Dossier

What Does Fougere Bergamot Smell Like

Dossier Fougere Bergamot perfume emanates a distinctly masculine aroma that's both modern and comforting. The scent begins with a crisp, citrusy introduction led by bergamot and grapefruit. This initial impression is bright and energetic, reminiscent of a fresh summer's day.

A gentle touch of fig leaf gives a subtle sweetness that complements the citrus opening. This sweetness is gradually replaced with the cool, clean essence of an aquatic accord, creating a sense of depth.

As the scent evolves, there's a noticeable transition to the heart notes. Geranium and lavender lend a floral touch that softens the initial sharpness. However, the scent remains predominantly masculine, with ambroxan adding a complex, musky undertone that persists throughout the fragrance's evolution.

The base notes introduce tonka bean and patchouli, deepening the scent's character. The muskiness of ambroxan becomes more pronounced, infusing the fragrance with an earthy, robust finish. It gives the overall impression of a man who is confident, grounded, and in sync with nature.

In summary, Dossier Fougere Bergamot is a fragrance that artfully combines freshness and depth. Its blend of citrus, aquatic, floral, and musky elements results in a rich, multifaceted scent that is nonetheless coherent and pleasantly masculine.

Review of Fougere Bergamot

Dossier's Fougere Bergamot is a worthy contender in the world of perfume dupes. This affordable fragrance, priced at just $29, pays tribute to the multi-faceted Versace Dylan Blue which is almost two and a half times costlier, retailing around $70.

If you're a fan of Dylan Blue's fresh burst of aquatic notes, you'll appreciate the similar opening in Fougere Bergamot. Its initial splash of grapefruit and bergamot evokes the same Mediterranean freshness as its high-end counterpart. The aquatic accord, married with fig leaf and lavender, is a delightful nod to Dylan Blue's distinct fig presence.

What sets Fougere Bergamot apart is its longevity. At a 15% concentration, the scent lingers, effectively carrying you through the day with an aura of masculine freshness. Moreover, this perfume is vegan and cruelty-free, a genuine advantage for those committed to ethical purchasing.

However, you might find the ambroxan inflection in the base a bit overpowering at times - a trait it shares with Dylan Blue. While it adds a modern touch to the traditional fougere family, some may find it a tad heavy.

Given its price point, Fougere Bergamot hits the mark on delivering an equally invigorating olfactory experience as Dylan Blue. It's a solid choice for those looking for an inexpensive yet quality dupe. Still, no one perfume is universally perfect. This fragrance is best suited for someone who appreciates a masculine scent with pronounced aquatic and ambroxan notes. All in all, Dossier's take on Dylan Blue provides good value for money without compromising on quality or sophistication.

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