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Fruity Brown Sugar by Dossier

Dossier Fruity Brown Sugar dupe of YSL's  Mon Paris
Gender: Women
Release date: 2022
Brand: Dossier

Key Notes of Fruity Brown Sugar

What Does Fruity Brown Sugar Smell Like

Dossier Fruity Brown Sugar perfume starts with a noticeable burst of sweet raspberry and pear. It's a lively, joyful scent that is certainly youthful and playful. As the initial fruitiness calms, the brown sugar note becomes more prominent, providing a delicious, sugary warmth to the scent that's almost mouthwatering. It's a well-executed gourmand note that doesn't become overwhelming or cloying.

Then, subtle hints of vanilla start to come through, adding a comforting, soft sweetness to the blend. It's a creamy, rich vanilla that enhances the brown sugar and creates a more rounded, full-bodied scent. Finally, there's a slight undertone of patchouli, which adds depth and complexity. It's a light touch though, it doesn’t become earthy or heavy.

Overall, the Fruity Brown Sugar perfume is a warm, sweet, and playful scent, dominated by fruity and gourmand notes. The combination of raspberry, pear, brown sugar, vanilla, and patchouli make it a sweet, comforting, and subtly complex fragrance. It's a scent that captures the spirit of a sweet, sugary dessert, making it a great choice for those who enjoy gourmand perfumes.

Review of Fruity Brown Sugar

Dossier's Fruity Brown Sugar is a captivating dupe of YSL's Mon Paris, a perfume renowned for its enchanting floral sweeps and intoxicating magic. While the original is a dreamy escape into a mystical fantasy world, the dupe cleverly captures the essence of this journey, making it accessible for a fraction of the price. For $29 compared to Mon Paris's $100, Fruity Brown Sugar offers an affordable entry into a world of radiant, playful seduction.

The dupe's prominent notes of raspberry, pear, and brown sugar are vibrant and joyful, creating an uplifting aura. The scent is fresh and fruity without being overly sweet, a balance that mirrors the original's allure. The inclusion of vanilla and patchouli in the base notes brings warmth and depth, making Fruity Brown Sugar versatile for both casual and special occasions.

However, it's crucial to note that this dupe, while impressive in its replication, doesn't fully capture the complexity and depth of YSL's Mon Paris. The original perfume's infusion of moss, cedar, and ambroxan give it an earthy undertone, creating a unique character that's hard to reproduce. This absence may be noticeable to those familiar with Mon Paris.

Despite this, Fruity Brown Sugar stands well on its own. Its 18% concentration offers a reasonable lasting power and the vegan, cruelty-free, and clean ingredients are a commendable feature, especially for those with a preference for ethical products.

In summary, Dossier's Fruity Brown Sugar is an attractive dupe of YSL's Mon Paris. While it may lack the original's intricate depth, it's a great value for its price, offering a playful and radiant scent that's versatile for any occasion. It's a choice worth considering for those who love the original but seek a more affordable alternative.

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