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Fruity Magnolia by Dossier

Dossier Fruity Magnolia dupe of Versace's  Bright Crystal
Gender: Women
Release date: 2022
Brand: Dossier

Key Notes of Fruity Magnolia

What Does Fruity Magnolia Smell Like

Dossier's Fruity Magnolia perfume takes you on a sensory journey. Right at the start, there's an immediate yet subtle sweetness from pomegranate and yuzu, accompanied by a touch of marine notes reminiscent of a crisp sea breeze. Just like the first rays of sunshine on a spring day, these bright, citrusy notes awaken your senses.

As the perfume settles, the heart notes of magnolia, peony, and rose come to the forefront. The magnolia note is the star of the show, bringing forward a floral aroma that is both delicate and potent. The peony and rose lend their own floral attributes, adding depth and femininity to the overall aroma. Their presence in the perfume is akin to walking through a blooming garden, filled with a variety of floral scents.

As the perfume continues to develop, the base notes of amber, musk, and acajou wood add a touch of warmth and depth. The amber and musk lend a soft, powdery texture, while the acajou wood adds a slight woody edge. Together, they create a comforting and cocoon-like scent, akin to the feeling of being wrapped in a soft blanket during a cool evening.

Overall, the Fruity Magnolia perfume is a tantalizing blend of sweet, floral, and woody notes, each playing its part in creating a fragrance that is feminine, lively, and comforting.

Review of Fruity Magnolia

Dossier's Fruity Magnolia steps up as a worthy contender in the realm of dupe perfumes, specifically chosen to mirror the ever-popular Versace's Bright Crystal. This dupe doesn't pretend to be a carbon copy, rather it pays homage to the original, capturing its spirit at a fraction of the cost ($29 versus $78 retail price of Bright Crystal).

The opening act of Fruity Magnolia is a vibrant burst of pomegranate and yuzu, reminiscent of Bright Crystal's refreshing kickoff. However, the addition of marine notes in the dupe adds a cool, refreshing layer that's like a soft ocean breeze. These top notes lead into the heart of the perfume, the magnolia - a radiant bouquet that holds its ground without overwhelming the senses, much like the floral heart of Bright Crystal.

But where Fruity Magnolia truly excels is its longevity. The scent lingers pleasantly, subtly evolving throughout the day. It transitions smoothly from an awakening, fruity daytime fragrance into a soothing, soft aroma. This versatility makes Fruity Magnolia a suitable perfume for a multitude of occasions and environments, be it a day at the office or a casual evening out.

Fruity Magnolia, while inspired by Bright Crystal, manages to carve out its unique identity. It's not overly floral nor excessively fruity, striking a balance that makes it stand out. Its vegan, cruelty-free, and clean ingredients also add to its appeal, especially for conscious consumers.

Despite its lower price tag, Fruity Magnolia doesn't compromise on quality. The scent is approachable, vibrant, and modern, just like Bright Crystal, but with its own unique twist. That said, it's important to remember scent is subjective. What works for one might not work for others. It's always worth giving a new fragrance a try, especially when it's as affordable and high-quality as Dossier's Fruity Magnolia.

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