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Gourmand Patchouli by Dossier

Dossier Gourmand Patchouli dupe of Mugler's  Angel
Gender: Women
Release date: 2022
Brand: Dossier

Key Notes of Gourmand Patchouli

What Does Gourmand Patchouli Smell Like

Dossier's Gourmand Patchouli scent is reminiscent of a cozy night around a campfire. The fragrance asserts itself with an appetizing sweetness, laced with tones of marshmallow and cotton candy, evoking a warm, sugary allure. Its top notes reveal a rich, fruity sphere, marked by the tart scent of berries and the zesty whiff of mandarin. An undercurrent of passion fruit adds a tropical vibe, enhancing the initial sweetness with a layer of freshness.

As the perfume evolves, the middle notes set in, introducing a distinctly earthy feel where patchouli is the main star. These notes, which also include honey and plum, provide a comforting and warm depth. The honey adds a sweet, creamy texture, and the plum imparts a rich, juicy sensation to the overall fragrance.

The base notes are where the perfume unfurls its most indulgent side. The caramel note lends a burnt sugar scent, which mingles with the creamy and rich aroma of vanilla. The cocoa ties everything together with its bitter, dark chocolate-like profile.

In essence, Gourmand Patchouli is a scent that is lusciously sweet, earthy, and comforting. Its robust and layered profile is a sensory journey - from a sweet, fruity start to a rich, earthy, and chocolatey finish.

Review of Gourmand Patchouli

Dossier's Gourmand Patchouli proves that great perfumes can indeed come without a hefty price tag. At just $29, this perfume offers an enticing alternative to Mugler's iconic Angel, which retails for $120. It's not about simply mimicking the original, but rather about capturing the essence, the feel, and the olfactory experience that made Angel an undeniable game-changer in the world of perfumery.

Gourmand Patchouli feels like a well-executed homage, reimagining the smoky blanket of cacao and complex blend of notes that make Angel so distinct and multifaceted. The prominent notes of patchouli and cacao are still there, but the sweetness is somewhat toned down, making it more approachable to those who found Angel's sweetness a bit overpowering.

However, Gourmand Patchouli is not a perfume for the faint-hearted. It is assertive and unapologetically potent, reminiscent of Angel's audacious character. The complex blend of notes can come as a surprise to those expecting a simple, linear scent. It is also worth noting that this perfume, with a concentration of 18%, can easily overwhelm if not applied with caution, much like its expensive counterpart.

Though Gourmand Patchouli doesn't offer the multitude of scents available in the Mugler Angel line, it's an excellent option for Angel enthusiasts looking for a wallet-friendly alternative. It's also worth noting that Dossier's version is vegan, cruelty-free, and made with clean ingredients, a nod to the growing demand for ethical beauty products.

In summary, Dossier's Gourmand Patchouli is a commendable dupe of Mugler's Angel. It manages to echo the original's unforgettable character while introducing its own personality, all at a fraction of the price. It might not entirely replace Angel in your perfume wardrobe, but it's definitely worth adding.

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