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Gourmand White Flowers by Dossier

Dossier Gourmand White Flowers dupe of Viktor&Rolf's  Flowerbomb
Gender: Women
Release date: 2021
Brand: Dossier

Key Notes of Gourmand White Flowers

What Does Gourmand White Flowers Smell Like

The Dossier Gourmand White Flowers perfume begins with a crisp, citrusy hint from the bergamot, paired with the subtle freshness of green tea and the juicy sweetness of berries. This initial impression is then gradually enveloped by the heart notes, where the dominant aroma of white flowers mingles with the elegance of orchids and the romantic touch of roses. The flowery middle is gentle, calming, and true to its namesake - gourmand with its allusion to lush, blooming gardens.

As the perfume progresses, the base notes start to unveil themselves. Here, the presence of musk adds a slightly animalistic touch, while patchouli provides a mild, earthy undertone. These are then rounded off with caramel and vanilla - ingredients known for their sweet, sugary undertones that lend a comforting warmth to the fragrance.

In essence, Dossier Gourmand White Flowers is a perfume that smells fresh and fruity at first, gradually transforming into a floral bouquet, and concludes with a slightly woody yet predominantly sweet finish. It captures the essence of an indulgent treat with its blend of fruity, floral, and sweet gourmand notes. The scent is reminiscent of a bright, sunny day in a serene garden filled with blooming flowers and ripe, juicy berries.

Review of Gourmand White Flowers

Dossier's Gourmand White Flowers perfume truly stands up to its inspiration, Viktor&Rolf's Flowerbomb, with a significantly friendlier price tag. In comparison to Flowerbomb’s retail price, which ranges from $115 to an impressive $2,500 for its haute couture version, Dossier's dupe offers you an affordable indulgence at just $29.

Gourmand White Flowers is a charming allure for fragrance lovers seeking to experience a taste of luxury that Flowerbomb offers. It magnifies the essence of the original fragrance with the dominant notes of green tea, berries, caramel, and vanilla while intertwining it with a floral heart of orchid, jasmine, and rose.

While this dupe can't match the pure elegance of Flowerbomb's diamond-like bottle, the scent could be considered a close second. It captures the same sensual, dreamy floral notes, adding a touch of sophistication and a dash of sexy. It's an aroma that many will find pleasing, but it certainly doesn't achieve the same level of complexity or depth found in the original.

The ethos behind Dossier's creation is commendable: clean, cruelty-free, and vegan ingredients, making it a great alternative for those conscious of the products they use.

In summary, Gourmand White Flowers provides a similar olfactory experience to Viktor&Rolf's iconic perfume. While it may lack some intricacies of the original, it is a cost-effective way to enjoy a comparable scent. However, if you value the full experience of luxury, including packaging, the Flowerbomb range will merit the extra dollars.

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