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Spicy Mimosa by Dossier

Dossier Spicy Mimosa dupe of Jo Malone's  Mimosa & Cardamom
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2022
Brand: Dossier

Key Notes of Spicy Mimosa

What Does Spicy Mimosa Smell Like

The Dossier Spicy Mimosa perfume combines an array of distinct ingredients to create a profusion of pleasant olfactory sensations. The fragrance opens with the potent scent of cardamom, offering a zesty initial impression, shortly followed by the floral undertones of mimosa. The mixture of these top notes results in a fragrance that is bold yet delicate.

As the perfume settles, the middle notes of heliotrope flower and rose come into play. The delicate and sweet aroma of heliotrope flowers melds with the classic, rich scent of roses to add an additional layer of complexity to the perfume.

As the base notes emerge, the tonka bean lends a subtle creaminess that's accentuated by the earthy and cozy scent of sandalwood. This combination gives a final powdery finish to the perfume, enhancing its overall depth and character.

In a nutshell, the Dossier Spicy Mimosa fragrance is a sensory journey, beginning with vibrant spiciness, moving towards floral sweetness, and ending with a creamy, earthy closure. It envelops the wearer in a swathe of scents that are both captivating and comforting. The combination of different notes creates a smell that is warm, creamy, floral, spicy, and powdery, all wrapped into one harmonious blend.

Review of Spicy Mimosa

Stepping into the world of perfumes, Dossier's Spicy Mimosa has made its mark as a truly affordable and striking alternative to Jo Malone's Mimosa & Cardamom. This Dossier fragrance stands tall with its creamy blend of milk and honey that elegantly mimics the luxurious scent of the premium Jo Malone perfume, but at a fraction of the cost.

The allure of Spicy Mimosa lies in its uncanny ability to create a balance of bold and delicate notes, much like its pricier counterpart. The scent of mimosa, laced with the warmth of honey, and the spicy touch of cardamom transforms this perfume into an inviting olfactory experience. It's a fragrance that encapsulates inner sensuality without being too provocative - a trait highly reminiscent of Jo Malone's creation.

While Jo Malone's Mimosa & Cardamom retails for $144, Dossier's Spicy Mimosa boasts a price tag of just $29. This impressive price difference does not compromise the quality of the fragrance, offering a value-for-money experience to the user. The 18% concentration ensures a long-lasting scent that lingers, evoking a sense of comfort and luxury.

However, it's crucial to mention that the Spicy Mimosa might not encompass the complete aura of Jo Malone's perfume. The original does hold a certain uniqueness that's difficult to replicate entirely. Yet, Spicy Mimosa does an excellent job of capturing the essence of the pricier fragrance.

As a unisex perfume, Dossier's Spicy Mimosa opens gates for everyone to enjoy its pleasant scent. Its vegan, cruelty-free status, and clean ingredient list only add to the appeal. To sum it up, if you're seeking a budget-friendly alternative to Jo Malone's Mimosa & Cardamom, Dossier's Spicy Mimosa is a credible option that's worth considering.

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