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Woody Green Apple by Dossier

Dossier Woody Green Apple dupe of Paco Rabanne's  One Million
Gender: Men
Release date: 2022
Brand: Dossier

Key Notes of Woody Green Apple

What Does Woody Green Apple Smell Like

The Dossier Woody Green Apple perfume is a modern masculine scent that successfully mimics Paco Rabanne's One Million. The scent opens with a lively, crisp note of green apple, which enlivens the senses. This refreshing fruitiness is balanced by a zesty undertone of grapefruit and a cool hint of mint. This initial burst of fragrance slowly gives way to the heart of the perfume, where the warm aroma of cinnamon takes center stage. This spicy scent is beautifully contrasted with the soothing fragrance of lavender and a subtle touch of rose. Together, these notes give the perfume a comforting, homey quality. As the scent settles, the woody, earthy notes come to the fore. Cedarwood gives a robust, sturdy foundation to the perfume, while patchouli adds depth and richness. The overall scent is completed with amberwood, that imparts a warm, glowing finish to the fragrance. The Woody Green Apple perfume, in essence, is a blend of bright, energetic top notes, warm, invigorating middle notes, and deep, grounding base notes. This makes it an all-round perfume that embodies comfort, warmth, and an unmistakable masculine elegance.

Review of Woody Green Apple

Dossier's Woody Green Apple is a well-crafted tribute to Paco Rabanne's iconic One Million, embodying the essence of this luxurious fragrance at a much more affordable price point. Retailing at just $29, Woody Green Apple presents a cost-effective alternative to One Million, which is priced up to $129 depending on the size.

On first application, Woody Green Apple introduces a fresh and crisp sensation, with a playful fusion of green apple and grapefruit. This mimics One Million's opening act, which features a tangy cocktail of zesty fruit. The addition of mint and warm cinnamon in Woody Green Apple adds a dynamic twist, enhancing the perfume's overall appeal.

The fragrance then develops into a more mature, woody tone, similar to One Million's transition to a spicy, masculine aroma. Although Paco Rabanne's version may hold a more potent intensity, Woody Green Apple doesn't fall short of delivering a warm, rich, and comforting scent.

When comparing longevity, Woody Green Apple holds up well throughout the day. However, it might require a few more spritzes to maintain its presence, as compared to One Million's enduring effect.

The presentation of the Dossier perfume is simple yet elegant, a stark contrast to One Million's bold, gold bar bottle design. While it may lack the visual grandeur of its inspiration, the quality and skillfully blended scent profile of Woody Green Apple make it a worthy contender.

In conclusion, while Dossier's Woody Green Apple may not outshine One Million in terms of intensity and presentation, it offers a remarkable likeness to the original scent at a fraction of the cost. An excellent choice for those who appreciate the luxurious aroma of One Million but desire a more budget-friendly option.

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