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Amber Teutonic by D.S. & Durga

Amber Teutonic by D.S. & Durga
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2018

What Does Amber Teutonic Smell Like

Amber Teutonic by D.S. & Durga offers a unique olfactory experience that begins with a gentle hint of cardamom, lending an exotic and spicy aroma. Its scent is subtly enhanced by the presence of green mandarin orange, adding a sweet and citrusy undertone to the initial spice.

As this opening melange fades, the fragrance transforms into a distinctly green and forest-like aroma. The strong presence of silver fir cone emanates the potent smell of pine woods, mingled with the woody scent of European larch. A mere trace of geranium gives a faint floral whisper to the otherwise dominant green and woody blend.

The fragrance's final transformation is into a comforting, earthy scent. A prominent note of European black pine further strengthens the overall woody character of the perfume. The sweet and smokey undertone of opoponax and a hint of musk lends a softness, tempering the resinous pine. This results in a smell that is a beautiful blend of sweet, spicy, and woody aromas.

Overall, Amber Teutonic has a scent which echoes the character of nature, from spicy oriental groves to dense European forests, ending in a comforting, warm, and earthy embrace.

Review of Amber Teutonic

Amber Teutonic by D.S. & Durga, released in 2018, is a fragrance that explores the intersection of the fragrant world with a unique blend of woody and resinous notes. It's a unisex scent, but its appeal leans more towards men due to the robust and earthy undertones.

This perfume reveals itself with a first impression of cardamom and green mandarin orange. It then shifts into silver fir cone and European larch, adding depth and complexity without overwhelming the initial freshness. Musk and European black pine ground the fragrance, providing a solid base that exudes a gentle warmth - reminiscent of a cozy night by the fireplace.

Despite its warm and woody profile, Amber Teutonic is not exclusive to the colder months. It has a surprising adaptability that allows it to work well in the spring, adding an extra layer of wearable versatility. However, it shines its brightest during the fall and winter months.

As for the occasions, it's a scent that's suitable for leisurely afternoons or relaxed evenings. The fragrance can provide a memorable presence during a night out, but might not be the best choice for a busy business meeting.

Amber Teutonic's longevity is respectable, though its sillage is slightly less pronounced. So, while it stays with you for a reasonable amount of time, it does not project as much as some might prefer.

In terms of value, it's a moderate investment. The scent is well-crafted and unique, but not without its drawbacks. If you're after a perfume that's adventurous yet grounded, Amber Teutonic could be a great addition to your collection.

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