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Cowboy Grass by D.S. & Durga

Cowboy Grass by D.S. & Durga
Gender: Men
Release date: 2008

Key Notes of Cowboy Grass

What Does Cowboy Grass Smell Like

As one first encounters Cowboy Grass by D.S. & Durga, a clear, sharp aroma of wild thyme and rosewood presents itself, mingled in a bright twist with the background hint of bergamot. The initial green and woody scent is zesty and aromatic, like a fresh breeze over an untamed prairie landscape, rugged and free.

There is a pivot as the fragrance unfolds. The spice and greenness intensify, directly linking us to the heart where sagebrush and basil make their appearance. The narrative of the fragrance becomes more pronounced as the herbal freshness weaves in with a touch of floral character provided by rose otto. This creates an aromatic bridge between the invigorating opening and the earthy resolution of the scent.

The fragrance settles down to its base with a firm grounding of vetiver, exuding a smoky, woody aura. The accompanying grass note lends a raw, verdant quality, preserving the outdoor appeal of the cologne. Meanwhile, ambergris provides a smooth, creamy undertone, adding depth to the overall profile. The result is a scent that feels like a day spent outdoors, surrounded by the verdant wilderness, earthy tones, and a touch of burning wood smoke in the distance.

Review of Cowboy Grass

Cowboy Grass by D.S. & Durga paints a vivid olfactory picture of wide-open plains and untamed nature, making it a fitting choice for the adventurous, outdoorsy man. Its green, spicy, and woody elements blend together to create a truly earthy aroma that calls to mind fresh landscapes and wide open spaces. The smoky undertones add a touch of intrigue, much like a campfire in the wilderness, while the hint of resinous notes provides a subtle richness.

While this fragrance may be an appealing choice for those who appreciate nature-inspired scents, it's worth noting that it doesn't shy away from its bold, green character. This might not resonate with those who prefer more traditional, crisp, or sweet perfumes. The scent is more on the grassroots side, not trying to please every nose, but rather making a strong statement for those who can appreciate it.

In terms of longevity, Cowboy Grass fares moderately well. It won't necessarily last from dawn until dusk, but it will see you through a significant portion of your day. Its sillage, or scent trail, is rather soft. It stays close to the skin, making it a more personal fragrance that's ideal for casual and everyday settings rather than big events or nights out.

The perfume shows its true colors in the cooler months of fall and spring, but it's still versatile enough to work in the summer heat. Its earthy character may feel a bit out of place during the chill of winter.

In sum, Cowboy Grass is an appealing choice for the adventurous, nature-loving man, but its bold, green character may not suit everyone's taste.

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