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Italian Citrus by D.S. & Durga

Italian Citrus by D.S. & Durga
Gender: Men
Release date: 2011

What Does Italian Citrus Smell Like

Italian Citrus by D.S. & Durga welcomes your senses with a breezy, crisp opening of lemon. This initial citrusy aroma is complemented by subtle hints of blood orange and Chinotto, adding a tangy, bitter undertone to the mixture. As the fragrance settles, frankincense gives it a smoky, resinous edge, intertwined with the tart freshness of green mandarin orange. At this stage, there's a gentle whisper of violet leaf that adds a subtle green note to the concoction, enhancing its depth.

As the perfume continues its olfactory journey, the base notes start to manifest. Ambrette presents a musky and slightly sweet aroma that blends beautifully with the rest of the elements. Copaiba balsam provides a rich, woody scent with a hint of honey-like sweetness that, combined with the ubiquitous, earthy character of oakmoss, creates a grounding and calming conclusion. This intertwining of notes results in a citrus-forward fragrance that is fresh yet spicy, green but subtly smoky. Italian Citrus is a dynamic scent offering a distinctive olfactive journey that transports you to a scenic Italian grove, filled with a symphony of vibrant citrus fruits and natural elements.

Review of Italian Citrus

Italian Citrus by D.S. & Durga comes as a breath of Mediterranean freshness, instantly transporting you to the sun-kissed Italian coast. It's a vibrant, zesty scent that predominantly appeals to men, with its invigorating blend of lemon and blood orange notes. The lively citrus opening paves the way for the green mandarin orange and subtle violet leaf heart notes, adding a hint of crispness without becoming overpowering.

This fragrance is not just about citrus. It subtly transitions into a smoky, woody finish, thanks to the undertones of oakmoss and copaiba balsam. It’s a complex, layered scent that manages to preserve a sense of freshness while incorporating a tasteful hint of smoky spice.

Ideal for the warmer months of spring and summer, it's a perfect partner for leisurely activities and daily wear. The fragrance is less suitable for winter, due to its fresh and green character, and it might not hold up well in the cold.

While the scent is quite delightful, Italian Citrus might not be for those who prefer a powerful sillage or longevity. The fragrance tends to fade a bit quicker than some might like, requiring a touch-up if you want it to last through the day.

As far as value goes, it might not be the first choice for those seeking a budget-friendly perfume. But for those who appreciate a well-crafted, invigorating citrus scent with an interesting complexity, Italian Citrus by D.S. & Durga is an excellent choice. It beautifully captures the essence of an Italian summer, offering a refreshing and revitalizing experience.

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