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He Wood Ocean Wet Wood by Dsquared²

He Wood Ocean Wet Wood by Dsquared²
Gender: Men
Release date: 2010
Brand: Dsquared²

Key Notes of He Wood Ocean Wet Wood

What Does He Wood Ocean Wet Wood Smell Like

He Wood Ocean Wet Wood by Dsquared² is a masculine fragrance that opens with a distinct, noticeable marine scent reminiscent of ocean spray, intermingled with hints of sharp tarragon and a faint underline of the salty-sweet scent of ambergris. As the initial aroma begins to fade, the middle notes emerge with a prominent green smell of fresh violet leaves, coupled with a softer, sweeter violet aroma. A subtle touch of musk adds a layer of warmth to these middle notes. As you wear it, the perfume transitions into a solid woody scent around its base. The smell of cedarwood is clear and strong, bringing a sense of earthiness to the fragrance. Subtle undertones of vetiver and patchouli add depth and complexity, while the slight sweetness of tonka bean rounds out the base. Overall, He Wood Ocean Wet Wood presents a fresh, aquatic scent contrasted with strong woody tones, enlivened by touches of green and sweet elements. It's a perfume that effortlessly captures the essence of a damp forest next to a stormy sea.

Review of He Wood Ocean Wet Wood

He Wood Ocean Wet Wood by Dsquared² is a perfume that speaks the language of the sea and forests, an ode to nature, appealing especially to men with an affinity for the outdoors. The scent is distinctly woody and aquatic, like a fresh walk by the seaside interspersed with the aroma of wet woods. It rings in a freshness that makes it perfect for the balmy days of summer and the gentle warmth of spring.

This perfume is versatile enough to be worn in various settings. It is at home when worn during leisure activities, as it encapsulates a casual, laid-back vibe that is synonymous with a day off. Yet, it's not out of place in a business setting either, thanks to its undercurrent of freshness that keeps it professional.

However, the perfume might not be for everyone. While it carries a subtle sweetness and a hint of spice, it leans heavily towards a synthetic, fresh scent. Those looking for a traditionally sweet or heavily floral fragrance might not find what they are looking for in this perfume.

Its longevity and sillage could use some improvement as well. It doesn't quite carry through the day, and you might find yourself reapplying more often than you'd like. And while its aroma is distinct, it's not overpowering, so it might not fill a room as some perfumes do.

In conclusion, He Wood Ocean Wet Wood is a fitting choice for those who appreciate the smells of nature and desire a fresh and casual scent. It's an interesting blend that caters to a specific audience, and if you fall into that category, you might just find it to your liking.

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