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Original Wood by Dsquared²

Original Wood by Dsquared²
Gender: Men
Release date: 2022
Perfumer: Daphné Bugey
Brand: Dsquared²

Key Notes of Original Wood

What Does Original Wood Smell Like

Original Wood by Dsquared² opens with a crisp, clean whiff of aquatic notes, reminiscent of a fresh breeze across a sparkling lake. This is accompanied by the distinct, sharp scent of violet leaves, which add an inherent freshness to the composition. A hint of spiciness wafts subtly through, courtesy of the Guatemala cardamom note, which brings an unexpected, yet pleasant twist to the overall opening.

As the scent evolves, the heart reveals a distinct woody tone. The robust scent of silver fir is forefront, evoking images of towering trees in a secluded forest. The cedarwood note introduces a mild, resinous aroma that complements the silver fir perfectly. A faint touch of Haitian vetiver peeks through, adding an earthy depth to the middle phase of the perfume.

The base of the perfume is marked by the intimate scent of musk, exuding a soft, animalistic warmth. The engaging scent of amber mingles subtly, lending a warm resinous tone to the fragrance. The final touch of Indonesian patchouli adds a deep, herbaceous undertone, enhancing the overall woody nature of the perfume and leaving a lingering, earthy trail. Close up, the scent gives the impression of an invigorating walk in the woods after a fresh rain.

Review of Original Wood

Original Wood by Dsquared² is a solid addition to any man's fragrance collection. Launched in 2022, it seems to have found its fan base primarily amongst mature gentlemen, but its appeal is broad enough to attract a younger audience as well.

True to its name, Original Wood carries a dominant woody scent. The fragrance opens with an invigorating mix of aquatic notes and violet leaf. The freshness of these notes provides an appealing contrast to the earthy Guatemalan cardamom, giving the perfume a slight but noticeable spicy kick.

As the scent evolves, you'll start to notice the comforting warmth of silver fir and cedarwood, reminiscent of a walk in a lush forest. The Haitian vetiver further enhances this feeling, intensifying the perfume's green aspects.

The base is underpinned by musk, amber, and Indonesian patchouli, lending a slightly synthetic but pleasant drydown. It's a perfume that seems to capture the essence of nature, making it an excellent choice for outdoor leisure activities or daily wear.

Original Wood is most suitable for the cooler months of fall and spring. However, its fresh notes make it wearable during summer days as well. Its potency might not be enough to cut through the harsh cold of winter, so it might not stand out as much during this season.

Despite its name, Original Wood's uniqueness might not be universally appealing. It's a fragrance that doesn't try to please everyone, and that's part of its charm. The longevity and sillage are decent but not outstanding, so reapplication might be necessary for those looking for a more pronounced scent trail.

All in all, Original Wood by Dsquared² is a worthwhile addition to your fragrance wardrobe, particularly if you're a fan of naturally-inspired, outdoor scents. Its value lies in its ability to provide a sense of comfort and warmth, perfect for those in search of a reliable, versatile, and generally enjoyable fragrance.

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