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Potion Blue Cadet by Dsquared²

Potion Blue Cadet by Dsquared²
Gender: Men
Release date: 2013
Brand: Dsquared²

What Does Potion Blue Cadet Smell Like

Potion Blue Cadet by Dsquared² for men is a scent that starts with a strong and delightful aroma of mandarin orange. This citrusy opening is noticeably bright, crisp, and juicy, without any hints of bitterness. There is no presence of bergamot zest or pink grapefruit zest, suggesting a singular focus on the orange facet in the top notes.

The fragrance then transitions into a heart dominated by subtle forest elements. The scent of balsam fir, Canadian hemlock needle, Siberian stone pine needle, and white cedar are imperceptible individually. Instead, they blend together to form a general impression of nature, reminiscent of an untouched forest, offering a gentle earthy undertone.

Upon drying down, the scent's base is a bit elusive, but a soft, clean musk is discernible. Alongside this, there's a faint hint of tonka bean, lending a light sweetness to the composition. The cistus is undetectable here, allowing the musk and tonka bean to shine through. Overall, Potion Blue Cadet can be described as a vibrant citrus scent up top, followed by an impression of a tranquil forest, finishing with a clean musk and sweet undertone.

Review of Potion Blue Cadet

Potion Blue Cadet by Dsquared² is a scent that seeks to capture the spirit of the modern man. Released in 2013, this fragrance has found its niche predominantly among men, with a markedly higher appeal to the younger demographic.

The first thing to note about Potion Blue Cadet is its fresh and invigorating scent. Upon initial spray, your senses are greeted with a refreshing burst of mandarin orange, making it a perfect pick for those who prefer a touch of citrus in their fragrances. However, the sweetness isn't overpowering, ensuring that the fragrance maintains a masculine tone.

As the scent matures, it reveals an earthy backbone, provided by the balsam fir and cedar notes. This element gives the fragrance a grounded feel, making it suitable for both leisure activities and business affairs. However, the scent's projection is somewhat subdued, meaning it's best suited for intimate settings or occasions where a more subtle fragrance is desired.

While Potion Blue Cadet shines in the warmer months of spring and summer, its longevity may leave a bit to be desired. The fragrance doesn't tend to linger as long as some might hope, necessitating frequent reapplications throughout the day.

In terms of value, Potion Blue Cadet offers a pleasant, versatile scent profile that caters to a variety of preferences. Its shortcomings in performance areas like longevity and sillage should be considered, but overall, it's a solid choice for those seeking a fresh, masculine, and subtly sweet fragrance. Despite not being a standout in any one area, it's an honest, reliable option for the modern man.

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