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The Original by Eight & Bob

The Original by Eight & Bob
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2012

Key Notes of The Original

What Does The Original Smell Like

The Original by Eight & Bob presents a scent that begins with a lively spark of lemon. This citrusy zest is expertly paired with the slightly sweet and spicy undertones of cardamom, hinting at an exotic beginning. Coming in to add a touch of warmth and excitement to the initial rush is pink pepper, creating a rounded, spicy top layer that's compelling but not overpowering.

The middle notes bring forth an earthy calmness, derived from the presence of dry woods. This gentle woody note is softened by the fresh-green scent of violet leaf, adding a floral touch to the otherwise robust aroma profile. Labdanum, albeit subtle, contributes a mysterious resinous nuance that deepens the overall complexity of this fragrance.

As the perfume settles, it reveals comforting base notes where the smooth, creamy essence of sandalwood takes center stage. It's accompanied by the husky, sweet warmth of amber and a dash of vetiver's grassy edge. Together, they create a grounding finish - a comforting end to an otherwise dynamic scent journey.

The Original is a perfume that expertly intertwines notes of fresh, woody, floral, spicy, and green elements, making it an intriguing scent experience.

Review of The Original

Eight & Bob's The Original, released in 2012, is a perfume that caters primarily to a male audience but holds an appeal for all genders. This scent is incredibly well-balanced, astutely blending fresh, woody, floral, and spicy notes. A touch of citrus and sweetness adds a pleasant intrigue, while a slight powdery feel gives it a nostalgic touch. The overarching presence of green notes provides a sense of earthiness, grounding the scent and lending it a natural, breezy quality.

The Original is a perfume for all seasons, with a slightly higher affinity for the freshness of spring. It's ideal for a laid-back leisure day, yet adaptable enough for business and daily wear. The scent is moderate in terms of longevity and sillage, not overpowering but noticeable, adding an air of subtlety to its appeal. In terms of value, it's a moderate investment, but its flexibility in terms of occasions and seasons makes it a worthwhile addition to any fragrance collection.

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