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Amber of Yemen by El Nabil

Amber of Yemen by El Nabil
Gender: Unisex
Brand: El Nabil

Key Notes of Amber of Yemen

What Does Amber of Yemen Smell Like

Amber of Yemen by El Nabil is a unisex perfume that starts with a sharp, yet smooth scent of rose that gently intersects with a light hint of bergamot. This introduction provides an aromatic blend of sweetness tinged with a slightly bitter edge that sparks interest.

As the scent evolves, the middle notes offer a floral aroma with a strong dash of geranium. This provides a fresh, green undertone to the perfume, with the ylang-ylang adding a slightly exotic, sweet and soft floral note to mellow out the fragrance.

As the perfume settles into its base, the most dominant scent that comes to the fore is the rich, sweet and warm smell of amber. This is closely followed by the earthy and slightly sweet aroma of patchouli. Both are balanced by the subtle woody scent of sandalwood, adding a creamy, slightly milky undertone to the composition. The cedar note is a faint undertone, adding a hint of dryness with a clean, woody aroma to finish off the fragrance.

Overall, Amber of Yemen by El Nabil presents an oriental, resinous scent with sweet, spicy, and woody tones, creating a warm and inviting aroma that lingers.

Review of Amber of Yemen

The Amber of Yemen by El Nabil is an alluring unisex fragrance that weaves a compelling tale of the exotic orient with its rich scent profile. It's a perfume that doesn't shy away from making a statement, evident from its robust resinous and oriental influences. Though the fragrance is evidently unisex, there's a certain masculine charm that comes off a bit more pronounced, appealing particularly to the gentlemen out there seeking a scent departure from the mundane.

The robustness of the scent doesn't compromise its overall sweetness. However, the sweetness is not cloying or overly saccharine but rather lends a warm, inviting depth to the scent. The spicy and woody undertones add a touch of intrigue, granting the scent an air of the mysterious.

As for its performance, Amber of Yemen impresses with its staying power. The scent lingers, a testament to its well-crafted formulation. However, it's not overbearing, allowing the wearer to make a subtle yet memorable olfactory statement. In terms of value, it's a solid investment, particularly for those who appreciate fragrances with a rich, complex character.

Ideally suited for cooler months like winter and fall, this perfume creates a cozy aura, perfect for evenings and night outs. While it might not be the first choice for a summer day, its versatility permits a comfortable use in a variety of occasions, from leisurely outings to business meetings.

On the flip side, the strong oriental and resinous elements might not be everyone's cup of tea, especially those who have a preference for lighter, floral scents. Overall, Amber of Yemen by El Nabil is a standout in the perfume world, a unique blend of the orient and the exquisite, encapsulating the spirit of the modern, confident individual.

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