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Girl of Now Forever by Elie Saab

Girl of Now Forever by Elie Saab
Gender: Women
Release date: 2019
Brand: Elie Saab

Key Notes of Girl of Now Forever

What Does Girl of Now Forever Smell Like

The initial spritz of Girl of Now Forever by Elie Saab unveils a vibrant and energetic medley of zesty mandarin orange and tangy lemon zest, underscored by the sweet, fruity aroma of raspberry. This joyful, fruity concoction slowly transitions into the perfume's heart, revealing a seamless blend of floral and fruity accents. The delicate orange blossom imparts a white floral hint, subtly contrasting with the rich, sweet essence of blackcurrant and the timeless elegance of rose. The perfume concludes on a sweet, indulgent note, with the rich and creamy undertones of vanilla taking center stage. Adding to this is a hint of cashmeran, adding a touch of warmth and softness to the composition, while ever-so-slight notes of earthy patchouli add depth and complexity. The final result is a scent that is playful and feminine, youthful yet mature, bright yet deep, evoking the essence of enduring femininity and the joy of everlasting youth. The tangy-sweet and fruity opening, the soft floral heart, and the creamy, warm base create a captivating olfactory journey that seems to echo the passage of time, from the first blush of youth to the wisdom of maturity. It's a delightful everyday scent that'll delight the senses without overpowering them.

Review of Girl of Now Forever

Elie Saab's Girl of Now Forever is a perfume that manages to capture the vivacious spirit and bubbly charm of the modern woman. This is a scent that feels youthful and playful, with an underlying sophistication that gives it a versatile appeal.

The scent opens with a bright burst of citrus, thanks largely to the prominent mandarin orange and lemon zest. This initial zestiness quickly gives way to a heart of sweet fruity notes, with raspberry and blackcurrant taking center stage. The base reveals a somewhat creamy, vanilla essence that lingers on the skin, adding a touch of warmth and depth.

Despite its fruity, sweet leanings, Girl of Now Forever does not become cloying or overly saccharine. Instead, it maintains a fresh and uplifting quality that feels apt for spring and summer seasons. It's the kind of perfume that would make a lovely companion for casual daytime outings, but could also carry into an evening setting with ease.

However, while the scent is undeniably enjoyable, it does not possess a huge longevity. You might find the need to reapply throughout the day to keep it noticeable. It is also more suitable for younger audiences, as the gourmand and fruity notes might not appeal to those who prefer more mature, robust fragrances. The value for money is fair, but those seeking a truly long-lasting fragrance might be mildly disappointed.

Overall, Elie Saab's Girl of Now Forever is a vibrant, cheerful perfume, perfect for the woman who enjoys lighthearted, fruity fragrances with a dash of elegance.

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