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Le Parfum L'Eau Couture by Elie Saab

Le Parfum L'Eau Couture by Elie Saab
Gender: Women
Release date: 2014
Brand: Elie Saab

Key Notes of Le Parfum L'Eau Couture

What Does Le Parfum L'Eau Couture Smell Like

The fragrance of Le Parfum L'Eau Couture by Elie Saab first greets the nose with a touch of sweet citrus from the bergamot, quickly followed by a prevailing floral aroma of magnolia. This soft and delicate magnolia scent serves as a prelude to a heart filled with the rich and intoxicating floral aroma of orange blossom. Its sweetness is not cloying, rather it entices the senses with a genuine freshness that feels like a warm spring day. The scent then gradually evolves to reveal the powdery allure of green almond in the base, which adds a subtle nuttiness to the composition. This nutty, green fragrance gets gently enveloped by a whisper of vanilla, adding a hint of sweet, comforting warmth to the blend. The final result is a symphony of floral, sweet, and green accords that envelope you in a cloud of elegance and femininity. The transitions between each character are seamless, which makes for a soothing and pleasant olfactory journey. The overall aroma is a playful mix of floral and sweet, fresh and green, making it a truly remarkable scent.

Review of Le Parfum L'Eau Couture

Elie Saab's Le Parfum L'Eau Couture, launched in 2014, is a decidedly feminine fragrance, crafted with a woman's natural grace and elegance in mind. The scent unfolds like a bouquet of blossoms, with a dominant floral profile that is sweet yet fresh. A trace of powdery notes adds a gentle softness to the blend, like a whisper of silk against bare skin. You'll also find nuances of green and fruity tones, with a subtle hint of gourmand elements adding a playful touch to the mix.

This perfume shines best in the warmth of spring and the lively days of summer. However, it can also bring a dash of freshness to the cool autumn air or the crisp winter chill. Perfect for everyday wear, this scent can effortlessly transition from a relaxed weekend brunch to an intense business meeting, or a lively night out. Le Parfum L'Eau Couture is a versatile fragrance, designed for the modern woman who seeks to make her mark with subtlety and grace.

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