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5th Avenue by Elizabeth Arden

5th Avenue by Elizabeth Arden
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 1996
Perfumer: Ann Gottlieb

What Does 5th Avenue Smell Like

5th Avenue by Elizabeth Arden opens with a burst of fresh, floral notes, with a pronounced aroma of lily of the valley, lilac, and magnolia. These are nicely complemented by the zesty touch of bergamot and the soft sweetness of linden blossom and mandarin orange.

As the opening notes recede, a balanced heart of the perfume comes to the fore, dominated by the heady scent of jasmine. Sweet, juicy peach and the delicate aroma of violets intertwine with the jasmine, while the exotic scent of ylang-ylang, the romantic essence of Bulgarian rose and the mysterious aroma of Indian tuberose add depth to the blend. A mild hint of clove and nutmeg adds a subtle, unexpected spice to this floral medley.

As the perfume dries down, the floral and fruity notes gently fade, revealing a warm and comforting base. The creamy scent of sandalwood blends seamlessly with the deep, animalistic aroma of Tibetan musk. This is further enriched by the resinous warmth of amber, the powdery softness of iris, and the sweet, familiar scent of vanilla, creating a soothing and comforting finish.

Review of 5th Avenue

5th Avenue by Elizabeth Arden is a timeless classic that has carved a niche amongst discerning women since its launch in 1996. The dominant floral element imbued with a light freshness makes it perfect for daytime wear, especially during the spring and summer months. The hint of powder gives it a soft and graceful feel, while the sweet and spicy notes add an interesting twist. Just imagine a stroll down a blooming garden path with a dash of spicy adventure thrown in. The underlying woody and green notes lend an earthy balance, and a creamy touch adds to its overall allure. With decent longevity and sillage, it's a great choice for both business and casual outings. Not overly intense for the office, yet lively enough for a night out or a leisurely evening. Its superb value quotient makes it a fantastic addition to your perfume collection. A spritz of 5th Avenue leaves you feeling elegantly fresh and subtly enticing all day.

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