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Blue Grass by Elizabeth Arden

Blue Grass by Elizabeth Arden
Gender: Women
Release date: 1989

Key Notes of Blue Grass

What Does Blue Grass Smell Like

Blue Grass by Elizabeth Arden starts off with a strong scent of lavender which is immediately complemented by the subtle sweetness of geranium. The fragrant lily and citrusy orange blossom notes make a subtle appearance, mingling with the soft and romantic scents of rose and jasmine to create an initial impression that is floral and fresh with a hint of green.

As the perfume continues to develop on the skin, the spicy note of clove takes over, creating a stimulating contrast to the sweetness of the top notes. This is quickly accompanied by the earthy undertone of vetiver and the slightly aromatic scent of laurel, adding a green and woody dimension to the perfume's heart.

The fragrance then settles into a deep base of Virginia cedar, which infuses it with a rich, woody aroma. The sensual scent of musk adds depth and warmth, while the creamy note of sandalwood rounds off the perfume with a smooth and comforting finish.

Overall, Blue Grass by Elizabeth Arden is a symphony of floral, green, spicy, and woody notes, conjuring up an image of a serene garden in the early morning hours.

Review of Blue Grass

Elizabeth Arden's Blue Grass is a true testament to a timeless classic: a fragrance that’s been around since 1989, it has managed to capture the hearts of perfume enthusiasts worldwide. Its popularity among women is undeniable, particularly with those of a mature age, who appreciate its classic floral charm and subtle green undertones.

Blue Grass is the embodiment of a perfect summer day, best suited for the warmer months of the year, yet its versatility allows it to transcend seasons, making it just as pleasant in the transition to fall or the chill of winter. A spritz of Blue Grass can transport you to a lush meadow, its scent reminiscent of blooming flowers and fresh-cut grass.

The perfume strikes a balance of striking yet not overpowering, making it perfect for both leisure and business occasions. You can wear it for a brunch with friends, a day at work, or even an evening out. The fragrance has a loyal following for its longevity; you can expect its lovely scent to linger throughout the day.

However, Blue Grass isn't without its shortcomings. Its spicy undertones may not appeal to everyone, and while its woody notes add depth to the fragrance, it might come across as too intense for those who prefer lighter, more powdery scents. The scent is somewhat polarizing; people either love it or find it not to their liking.

In conclusion, Elizabeth Arden's Blue Grass is a scent of sophisticated simplicity, evoking a feeling of serene countryside charm. It's a fragrance that commands attention without demanding it, making it a worthy addition to any perfume collection.

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