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White Tea by Elizabeth Arden

White Tea by Elizabeth Arden
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Women
Release date: 2017

What Does White Tea Smell Like

White Tea by Elizabeth Arden starts off with a distinct aroma of clary sage coupled with the zesty freshness of Italian mandarin orange. You can simultaneously detect a hint of sea breeze and an interesting undertone of white fern, bringing a hint of lively freshness to the scent. As the initial notes start to settle, the heart of the perfume emerges, characterized by the tranquil scent of white tea. This is entwined with the intriguing scent of Paraguayan maté absolute and the subtle yet distinct fragrance of white iris. A touch of paradise nut adds an unexpected twist to the middle notes.

The perfume's base notes are equally expressive. There's a warm, resinous hint of Ambermax® coupled with the musky scent of ambrette seed absolute. This is complemented by the velvety aroma of Velvione® and the earthy scent of Indian woods. A slight hint of Venezuelan tonka bean absolute brings a sweet, somewhat vanilla-like finish to the fragrance. Overall, White Tea by Elizabeth Arden is a fresh, floral and slightly creamy perfume with a powdery undertone and a citrus edge, making it an intriguing and delightful olfactory experience.

Review of White Tea

White Tea by Elizabeth Arden is a light and airy perfume that exudes a fresh, clean aroma. As an Eau de Toilette, it has subtler notes, making it perfect for those who prefer a less intense fragrance. The scent composition leans towards fresh and floral, with a gentle undertone of creamy and powdery nuances. This gives it a comfortable and welcoming vibe. It's topped off with a hint of citrus, green, and woody elements for a well-rounded perfume.

Although it can be worn all year round, it particularly shines during spring and summer, adding a crisp, breezy touch to warm days. While it's ideally designed for women, it can also be appreciated by men who are drawn to its soft, feminine character. It's perfect for casual daily use and leisure activities, yet versatile enough for business settings and sports occasions. Despite its moderate longevity and sillage, it's a great value option for those who gravitate towards light, fresh scents.

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