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Passion by Elizabeth Taylor

Passion by Elizabeth Taylor
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Women
Release date: 1987

What Does Passion Smell Like

Passion by Elizabeth Taylor opens with a rich, tropical, and feminine aroma from the ylang-ylang, followed by a subtle touch of jasmine that brings a slightly sweet and delicate floral scent to the foreground. The freshness of lily of the valley lightens the opening bouquet, lending a subtly soft, fresh and clean undertone.

As the initial floral blend slowly evaporates, a wave of exotic and warm spices takes over, giving the perfume a fiery and somewhat mysterious twist. The presence of a faint musk note smoothly integrates into the spiciness, adding a slight animalistic hint that's not overpowering but rather remarkably gentle.

In the dry down, the gentle smokiness of frankincense infuses the aroma, providing an intriguing and solemn undertone. This is further enhanced by the spicy, creamy and warm aroma of sandalwood, creating an irresistible woody allure. The cedarwood note tinges the final accord with a light, dry, and slightly sweet scent, lending an overall grounded and serene finish to the perfume. Altogether, Passion by Elizabeth Taylor is a complex yet well-coordinated orchestra of notes that speaks of a timeless, spicy, and sensual floral enchantment.

Review of Passion

Passion by Elizabeth Taylor has stood the test of time since its release in 1987. Esteemed for its enduring appeal, this Eau de Toilette speaks to women who appreciate a scent with depth and substance.

Firstly, the perfume's longevity is a highlight. You can trust it to carry you through an evening or a night out with its lingering presence. It's not the fleeting kind that disappears after an hour or two.

Among the blend of spicy, oriental, floral, and woody notes, the spicy element shines through the most. It adds a certain zing, a punch that tickles the senses without being too overpowering. It's followed by a hint of oriental charm that sets it apart from the common floral or sweet fragrances often marketed to women.

This combination lends itself well to cold weather, hence it's a great choice for either winter or fall. The warmth of the spices and the oriental undertone provides a comforting cloak against the biting cold.

However, the perfume might not be the best pick for those seeking a light, airy scent. Its profoundness can come off as intense for some, especially those with a preference for more subtle, fresh perfumes.

The value-for-money aspect of Passion is commendable. It offers a rich, lasting aroma without burning a hole in your pocket.

To summarize, Passion is a robust, enduring scent with a spicy-oriental dominance. It's tailored for women who appreciate a long-lasting, complex perfume that's more substantial than sweet. While its intensity might not be everyone's cup of tea, its lasting impression and affordability make it a worthy consideration.

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