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White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor

White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Women
Release date: 1991

Key Notes of White Diamonds

What Does White Diamonds Smell Like

White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor opens with a well-defined fresh aroma. Aldehydes are most noticeable right off the bat, giving the perfume a clean and airy impression. The scent is joined by the Amazon lily and a subtle touch of Neroli, adding a crisp floral undertone. As the scent progresses, a wave of warmer floral notes start to take over. The significant presence of carnation gives the heart of this perfume a spicy scent with nuances of cloves. The incorporation of Turkish rose, jasmine, and tuberose enhance the floral richness, while iris and narcissus add an earthy depth. The base settles into an earthy richness, with patchouli making a distinct impression. Amber lends a touch of warmth to the composition, conjuring a resinous feel. Sandalwood adds a creaminess and grounds the scent with a woody nuance. Finally, a hint of oakmoss gives the perfume a velvety, green finish. All in all, White Diamonds is a complex blend of clean, floral, and earthy notes with a warm, spicy undercurrent.

Review of White Diamonds

White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor is a classic perfume that never goes out of style. Launched in 1991, this fragrance has managed to maintain a steadfast following, particularly among mature women who appreciate its timeless elegance.

This Eau de Toilette opens with a blast of aldehydes, setting a powdery and floral tone that is both striking and memorable. The scent profile leans heavily toward floral notes, complemented by a gentle powdery undertone that adds a touch of softness. A subtle hint of spiciness cuts through the dominant powdery-floral blend, providing an unexpected yet pleasant surprise.

However, this perfume isn't for everyone. Its richness might overwhelm the noses of younger perfume enthusiasts who favor lighter, fresher scents. It has a substantial sillage and longevity that demands attention, making it an excellent choice for night outs or evening events.

White Diamonds is most appropriate in the cooler seasons, as its warmth and depth might feel heavy during the hot summer months. The scent's potency and character also make it feel slightly out of place in more casual, leisurely settings.

In terms of value, White Diamonds offers more than just a beautiful scent; it provides the wearer with a sense of timeless elegance reminiscent of Elizabeth Taylor herself. Despite some potential drawbacks for certain wearers, the perfume's staying power and unique blending of floral, powdery, and spicy notes make it a standout fragrance worth considering.

To conclude, White Diamonds is a classic, much-loved perfume that offers a distinctive, enduring scent, though it might not appeal to everyone due to its potent floral and powdery profile.

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