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Absolutely Me by Escada

Absolutely Me by Escada
Gender: Women
Release date: 2010
Perfumer: Sonia Constant
Brand: Escada

Key Notes of Absolutely Me

What Does Absolutely Me Smell Like

Absolutely Me by Escada opens with a vibrant and sweet raspberry scent, that unfurls immediately upon spritzing. This initial scent is tinged with gentle rose water, offering a softer floral undertone. A hint of pink pepper plays at the edge of your senses, adding a subtle spiciness that enhances the overall scent profile without overpowering it. As it starts to settle into your skin, the fragrance evolves into a delightful scene of rose macaron.

This vibrant floral note retains the sweetness of the opening but takes on a slightly more decadent tone. The scent of hawthorn and jasmine wafts through, adding a floral depth that cuts through the sweetness just so slightly. These middle notes lend the perfume a sense of complexity without making it overwhelming.

As it dries down, the perfume reveals a warm layer of vanilla, retaining the sweetness from the onset but in a more comforting, softer manner. Underneath it all lies a faint layer of musk, grounding the fragrance and providing a hint of sensuality. The musk isn't too strong but provides a faint whisper that lingers on the skin long after the other notes have faded. In essence, Absolutely Me is a sweet, fruity journey adorned with floral notes and grounded by a faint touch of musk and vanilla.

Review of Absolutely Me

Absolutely Me by Escada is a delightful aroma that sets out to appeal predominantly to mature women, yet surprisingly, it has found a good number of younger enthusiasts as well. This fragrance invites you in with its sweet and fruity opening, which is primarily driven by raspberry, giving it an almost playful, vibrant character. As the aroma develops over time, the floral aspect subtly unfolds, hinting at a more sophisticated, grown-up side.

The seasonality of Absolutely Me is quite versatile, making it suitable for most times of the year. However, it seems to shine brightest in spring, where its invigorating fruity-floral scent can truly come alive. It's an excellent choice for daily use, and this casual charm extends to leisure activities as well. Yet, it might not be the most fitting option for a business setting or an intense night out, as some may find the sweetness a touch overwhelming.

In terms of longevity and projection, Absolutely Me offers a moderate performance. It will likely stay noticeable for a good part of your day, though it may not leave a strong trail as you pass by. For some, this would be an advantage, as it allows the fragrance to remain personal and intimate.

The value for money aspect of Absolutely Me is quite commendable. It delivers a pleasant, inviting scent that straddles the line between youthful and mature quite cleverly. However, a word of caution for those who are averse to synthetic notes - there is a noticeable presence here. This may not be a deal-breaker, but it's worth considering if you're looking for a purely natural scent.

In conclusion, Absolutely Me is a sweet, fruity, and floral fragrance that has a broad appeal.

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