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Magnetism by Escada

Magnetism by Escada
Gender: Women
Release date: 2003
Brand: Escada

Key Notes of Magnetism

What Does Magnetism Smell Like

Magnetism by Escada is a sweet and fruity perfume with a delightful depth. As soon as you catch the initial scent, you'll find the dominant blackcurrant and red berries, complemented by the faint hint of honeydew melon and pineapple. The lychee note subtly lends a tropical touch. The high presence of blackcurrant and its buds and leaves gives it a rich and vibrant fruity profile.

Gradually, the perfume transitions into the floral heart with the robust presence of heliotrope, jasmine, and magnolia. The lily of the valley and rose notes are more reserved, offering a balancing sweetness. The unexpected combination of green notes, basil, and caraway adds an interesting twist that is both earthy and slightly spicy.

In the dry down, the perfume reveals a deliciously gourmand base. The caramel note is quite pronounced, adding a rich, creamy sweetness that wraps around the sensual sandalwood and amber. The musk and benzoin lend a soft warmth, with a hint of vanilla providing a comforting finish. The vetiver and patchouli notes are understated, grounding the perfume with an earthy depth. Overall, Magnetism by Escada is a wonderfully sweet, fruity, and floral perfume with a creamy, gourmand base.

Review of Magnetism

Magnetism, released by Escada in 2003, is a perfume that resonates with mature women, appealing to their desire for a scent that is both sweet and warm. The first impression of this fragrance is a blend of fruity notes, followed by a heart of floral scents, creating a perfect balance that isn't overly sweet or overbearing. This is complemented by a touch of gourmand and a slight powdery undertone, which adds an interesting twist to the overall composition.

The perfume leans towards a fall and winter fragrance, but its versatility allows for spring and summer wear as well. It’s ideal for evening wear and nights out, yet its understated elegance also makes it suitable for daily activities or business environments. Its longevity is impressive, ensuring the scent lingers throughout the day or night. Despite its rich and complex notes, the perfume maintains a fair balance, making it a solid choice for those who appreciate a well-rounded fragrance.

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