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Ocean Lounge by Escada

Ocean Lounge by Escada
Gender: Women
Release date: 2009
Brand: Escada

Key Notes of Ocean Lounge

What Does Ocean Lounge Smell Like

Ocean Lounge by Escada opens with a distinct fruity aroma. The tang of plum and the tropical sweetness of lychee immediately make their presence known. Coiling around these two are the softer, juicier notes of pear juice, which adds a refreshing coolness to the blend. Unexpectedly, there's a hint of strawberry meringue, but it's a shy note, almost ghost-like, that weaves in faint echoes of sugary sweetness.

Shifting to the heart of the perfume, a slightly earthy and fruity aroma of davana emerges, creating an unusual twist to the fruity opening. The scent of poppy rides along gently, showcasing its floral aspects, while a tinge of the bittersweet green scent from violet leaf holds its own in the aromatic melee.

In the dry down, the perfume settles into a warm and comforting mix of amber, teakwood, tonka bean, and vanilla. Amber and teakwood lend their resinous, slightly woodsy notes to the blend, forming a robust backbone. The scent of tonka bean and vanilla mingle together, their sweetness mellowed, acting more like a whisper of dessert, rather than a sugar bomb. The blend results in a smooth, fruity-floral fragrance that hints of warm, sweet comfort towards the end.

Review of Ocean Lounge

Ocean Lounge by Escada, released in 2009, is a playful blend of fruity and sweet elements, with a hint of floral freshness. It's the kind of scent that encapsulates the vibrant energy of a beachside soiree, making it a perfect companion for summer and spring days. This perfume leans more towards the younger demographic, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a bold, fun, and fruity fragrance.

The plum and lychee in the top notes set the stage for this scent, giving it a lively, youthful touch right from the start. The presence of davana and violet leaf in the middle notes adds a soft floral undertone that takes the edge off the initial fruitiness, offering a much-needed balance.

However, despite its fruity-floral charm, Ocean Lounge isn't for everyone. Some may find it a bit too sweet or synthetic, and its sillage and longevity leave something to be desired. You might notice that the scent fades quicker than expected, and its projection isn't as strong as one might hope for a perfume of this category.

As for the occasions, it's a great perfume for casual outings, leisurely strolls, and day-to-day wear. It might not be the best fit for a serious business setting, but for a sunny day out or a casual night out, it fits the bill nicely.

In terms of value, while not the highest-ranking, it offers a decent bang for your buck considering its playful scent profile. Ocean Lounge by Escada is a youthful, vibrant fragrance that captures the carefree spirit of summer. Despite its shortcomings, it's an enjoyable scent for those who appreciate a fruity, sweet perfume with a dash of floral freshness.

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