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Turquoise Summer by Escada

Turquoise Summer by Escada
Gender: Women
Release date: 2015
Brand: Escada

Key Notes of Turquoise Summer

What Does Turquoise Summer Smell Like

Turquoise Summer by Escada opens up with a potent yet pleasant blend of pineapple and strawberry. The pineapple note is decidedly prominent, lending a sweet, tropical scent that pleasantly dominates. The strawberry lends a lighter, juicy touch, blending well with a generic fruitiness that subtly underpins the entire experience.

As the perfume begins to evolve, the sweetness of the opening notes makes way for the softer tones of floral notes. These middle notes, while not as assertive as the top notes, introduce a fresh and subtle hint of flowers, which act as a gentle bridge to the base notes.

The base is composed of blackcurrant and vanilla. The blackcurrant offers a tangy yet sweet contrast to the previously experienced notes, pulling the fruity and floral elements together. The vanilla, on the other hand, gives off a slightly sweet creaminess, providing a comforting and warm end to the fragrance journey.

Overall, Turquoise Summer by Escada offers an aromatic experience that is predominantly fruity and sweet, interwoven with floral freshness, and rounded off with a creamy, comforting base. It is definitely a fragrance that captures the essence of a fun, sun-drenched summer day.

Review of Turquoise Summer

Escada's Turquoise Summer is an enticing embodiment of the warmer months. True to its name, it's a summer staple, although it could add a pop of sunshine to a brisk spring day as well. Overwhelmingly favored by women, it offers a fresh and youthful vibe that turns heads without being overly assertive.

This scent is a delightful cocktail of fruity sweetness. The pineapple and strawberry top notes are undeniably prominent, offering a lively and vibrant first impression. As the perfume wears on, you'll notice a gentle, underlying floral tone that adds depth without veering away from its fruity foundation.

While Turquoise Summer leans heavily on its fruity notes, the subtle inclusion of vanilla and blackcurrant as base notes ensures a soft landing. These notes add a touch of depth to the scent, preventing it from being overly sweet or one-dimensional.

However, the scent's concentration on fruity and sweet aspects may not cater to everyone's palette. For those who prefer a more mature or sophisticated aroma, Turquoise Summer might come across as too playful or youthful. Furthermore, if you're looking for a perfume with potent longevity and sillage, this might be a slight letdown.

Suitable mostly for casual or daily occasions, Turquoise Summer is a fun and vivacious perfume that encapsulates the spirit of summer. It's a perfume that transports you to a sun-drenched beach with each spritz, making it a worthy addition to your perfume collection if you're a fan of fruity, sweet scents. But if you're after a perfume with a more serious tone or robust staying power, Turquoise Summer might not hit the mark.

Overall, Escada's Turquoise Summer is a vibrant, youthful fragrance that has its own charm, despite its shortcomings.

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