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Aliage by Estēe Lauder

Aliage by Estēe Lauder
Gender: Women
Release date: 1972
Perfumer: Francis Camail

Key Notes of Aliage

What Does Aliage Smell Like

Aliage by Estēe Lauder opens with a bright, crisp scent that recalls fresh lemons and ripe peaches. This initial fruity introduction soon gives way to a more complex heart full of green notes that evoke the smell of a verdant forest at dawn. Here, the scent of galbanum juxtaposes the sweetness of jasmine, producing an aroma that's reminiscent of resinous sap on a spring morning. Pine and rosewood add an earthy depth, while a hint of thyme brings a touch of herby spice.

As the perfume settles on the skin, the base notes reveal themselves. The perfume becomes grounded with a deep, mossy aroma from the oakmoss, which conveys a feeling of walking in a damp, deciduous forest after a rainfall. This is complemented by a subtle, animalistic musk, which adds a warm and furry undercurrent. Myrrh introduces a slightly smoky, balsamic quality, while vetiver concludes the scent journey with its unmistakable earthy and rooty character. Aliage is a scent of many layers, taking you from a sun-kissed orchard, through a lively forest, and finally, to a serene woodland clearing.

Review of Aliage

Estēe Lauder's Aliage is a delightful olfactory journey launched in the early seventies. It's a perfume that speaks to women of all ages, gaining slight popularity among the mature audience, perhaps due to its classic charm. It seems to have a universal appeal across gender lines, with a fair share of men expressing appreciation.

Aliage opens up with a burst of fresh citrusy lemon and peach, setting the tone for the nature-inspired adventure that is to follow. The green and chypre elements take center stage, creating an aura that feels like a walk through a lush, verdant forest, tinged with a spicy undertone that adds a bit of zest. The woody and floral notes add depth to the scent bouquet, while the earthiness gives it a grounding finish.

Despite its appeal across all seasons, Aliage truly shines during the vibrant months of spring. Its freshness resonates well with the blooming surroundings, making it an excellent daytime wear for leisure activities or work. However, it can also add an interesting touch to your evenings and nights out.

While it has a noticeable presence, Aliage never feels overwhelming, making it a good choice for those who prefer a more subtle scent trail. The perfume's longevity is quite good, allowing the fragrance to stay with you for a significant amount of time.

On the value front, it's a worthy investment for those interested in timeless fragrances. Despite its many strengths, Aliage might not suit those who prefer sweet or gourmand fragrances as it leans towards the fresh and green spectrum. All in all, it's a classic fragrance that manages to stay modern and relevant even after many years of its release.

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