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Azurēe by Estēe Lauder

Azurēe by Estēe Lauder
Gender: Women
Release date: 2015

Key Notes of Azurēe

What Does Azurēe Smell Like

Azurēe by Estēe Lauder starts with a clean and vibrant scent that envelops you in the tangy essence of citrus fruits intertwined with the sweet floral hint of jasmine and the aromatic touch of basil. This crisp and refreshing opening soon settles into a heart filled with an intriguing blend of mugwort, rose, and vetiver. The mugwort brings in a green and slightly bitter edge, contrasting beautifully with the timeless romance of rose. Vetiver adds depth with an earthy undertone, creating a complex and intriguing layer within the fragrance.

As the perfume evolves, the fragrance lands in a lush and comforting base. Here, the moss reigns, creating a fragrance akin to a freshly dewed forest, mossy and serene. The patchouli contributes a slightly sweet and woody scent that is further enhanced by the subtle touch of amber. The result is a fragrance that is rich, exotic, and makes you feel as if you are walking through a lush and vibrant forest, with moss and patchouli underfoot and crisp citrus notes in the air. It’s a scent that is bright, earthy, green, and subtly floral, a true olfactory journey across different landscapes.

Review of Azurēe

Azurēe by Estēe Lauder is a complex and engaging perfume that seems to have a personality all its own. Released in 2015, it quickly established itself as a favorite among women who appreciate its chypre and spicy scent profile with a hint of freshness.

The first impression of Azurēe is a burst of delightful citrus notes with an underlayer of basil and jasmine. This fresh opening is a lovely introduction that softly transitions into the mid-phase of mugwort, rose, and vetiver. The dry down is where the perfume truly shines, with a warm blend of moss, patchouli, and amber.

Azurēe has a noticeable longevity, ensuring that you can go about your day without worrying about reapplication. However, it may not be overwhelming, as its sillage is moderate. This is a perfume that stays close to the skin, inviting others in rather than declaring its presence across the room.

The value of Azurēe is evident, offering a high-quality fragrance at a reasonable price point. Its composition and performance make it ideal for spring and fall, but it's adaptable enough for the summer and winter months as well.

The versatility of Azurēe is one of its strongest points. This is a perfume that can take you from a leisurely day to a night out with ease. However, it may not be the best choice for business occasions, as its personality might come across as too playful.

In conclusion, Azurēe by Estēe Lauder is a spirited perfume that combines a wide range of scent elements to create something truly special. It may not be for everyone, but for those who enjoy dynamic and layered fragrances, Azurēe is a wonderful option to consider.

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