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Cinnabar by Estēe Lauder

Cinnabar by Estēe Lauder
Gender: Women
Release date: 2015

What Does Cinnabar Smell Like

When first applying Cinnabar by Estēe Lauder, you're greeted with an initial citrusy brightness, thanks to the dominant orange blossom notes, subtly underscored by hints of jasmine and tangerine. This is not an overly sweet or fruity-smelling scent, but rather a fresh and gently uplifting olfactory experience.

As the perfume matures on your skin, it gracefully transitions into its middle notes. Here, the spicy aroma of cloves takes center stage, creating an intriguing counterpoint to the initial citrusy freshness. Subtle whispers of lily and lily of the valley are also discernible in the background, lending a floral undertone that prevents the clove from becoming too overpowering.

As the scent continues to develop, the underlying base notes begin to reveal themselves. Frankincense and sandalwood lend a warm, woody depth to the fragrance, while a suggestion of patchouli adds a touch of earthiness. This robust, slightly exotic bouquet of base notes creates a beautiful contrast with the lighter, fresher top and middle notes, resulting in an aroma that is as multifaceted as it is captivating.

Overall, Cinnabar by Estēe Lauder embodies an intriguing blend of citrus, spice, floral, and woody notes. Despite its complexity, each note is detectable in its own right, contributing to a scent experience that is both compelling and comforting.

Review of Cinnabar

Cinnabar by Estēe Lauder is an exquisite women's perfume that captivates and intrigues with its beautiful blend of spicy, floral, and oriental notes. Its appeal is as timeless as it is versatile, making it a favorite among mature women who appreciate a scent that’s both assertive and feminine.

The perfume opens with a mix of citrus and floral notes, orange blossom and jasmine being most evident. This gives it a refreshing start that is perfect for those who like their fragrance to make an initial statement. The heart of the scent is suffused with clove, lending an air of spice that is both invigorating and comforting.

As the fragrance settles, the base notes of frankincense and sandalwood come to the fore, adding a layer of warmth and depth which makes Cinnabar a perfect choice for the colder months, particularly fall and winter. This also makes it versatile for different occasions, its rich scent making it equally suited for an evening out or a cozy night in.

However, while Cinnabar is long-lasting, its sillage isn't overpowering, meaning it won't dominate a room. This could be seen as a potential shortcoming for those who prefer their perfume to leave a strong trail.

Value-wise, it offers a pretty good return for its price, falling into a reasonable price range, making it accessible for those looking for a quality perfume without breaking the bank.

In conclusion, Cinnabar by Estēe Lauder is a compelling fragrance for mature women who prefer warm, spicy scents that are versatile enough for any occasion.

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