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Knowing by Estēe Lauder

Knowing by Estēe Lauder
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 1988
Perfumer: Elie Roger

Key Notes of Knowing

What Does Knowing Smell Like

Knowing by Estēe Lauder is an unmistakable perfume with a clear chypre backbone. This fragrance opens with a robust bloom of tuberose, immediately striking you with its intense and intoxicating aroma. The scent is further enriched by the sweet, almost honey-like smell of mimosa and the exotic, subtly citrusy notes of pittosporum. You'll also notice a hint of juicy plum and a delicate whisper of rose that softens the initial burst of scents.

As it evolves, the perfume unfolds into a heart of rich jasmine, giving the composition a voluptuous floral depth. This is balanced beautifully by the sweet, slightly creamy orange blossom and the dark, earthy tones of patchouli.

The base of Knowing is a blend of the green, slightly damp scent of oakmoss, paired with the warm and woodsy vetiver. The soft, creamy and slightly powdery sandalwood lends a touch of smoothness to the overall aroma. A gentle hint of amber gives the perfume a subtle seductive warmth in the finish.

Overall, Knowing by Estēe Lauder is a multi-dimensional fragrance that moves from the vibrancy of floral notes to the earthy depth of woody scents with a spicy-green undercurrent running through its composition.

Review of Knowing

Estēe Lauder's 1988 release, Knowing, is a bold Eau de Parfum that leans heavily into a mature, feminine identity. This scent is a confident blend of chypre, floral and woody notes, complemented by a hint of spice and an earthy undertone. The perfume's character is most vibrant in the crispness of fall, adding a warm depth to those chilly nights. The robust scent also fares well in the winter, lending a comforting blanket of aroma in the coldest of months.

Knowing is primarily an evening perfume, perfect for a night out, but it's also suitable for daily use, making it a reliable choice for both casual and business outings. While its scent is rich and resonant, it's not overpowering and leaves a lasting impression, making it a great addition to your perfume collection. The value it provides is noteworthy, proving to be a reliable, long-lasting investment in personal fragrance. This Estēe Lauder classic is definitely worth knowing.

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