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Pleasures by Estēe Lauder

Pleasures by Estēe Lauder
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 1995

What Does Pleasures Smell Like

Pleasures by Estēe Lauder is a women's perfume that offers an appealing blend of floral, fresh, green, woody, and sweet scents. Upon the first impression, a lush bouquet of green notes and violet leaf greet the senses, mingling effortlessly with the soft, elegant fragrance of white lily. This combination creates a vibrant yet gentle opening that is welcoming and uplifting.

As the perfume begins to develop, the heart reveals a delightful mixture of exotic Karo Karounde, delicate white peony, and sensual jasmine. These floral notes are expertly balanced with a touch of spicy pink pepper and a subtle hint of rose, adding depth and warmth to the bouquet.

The base of Pleasures is grounded in the earthy, rich aroma of patchouli and the smooth, comforting scent of sandalwood. These woody elements provide a solid foundation for the perfume, ensuring a well-rounded and harmonious finish.

Overall, Pleasures by Estēe Lauder is a captivating fragrance that artfully combines a diverse range of scents to create a beautifully balanced and memorable perfume. Its fresh, floral bouquet is complemented by woody undertones and subtle hints of spice.

Review of Pleasures

Pleasures by Estēe Lauder, released in 1995, is an Eau de Parfum specially crafted for women who appreciate a floral and fresh scent. The perfume predominantly appeals to a mature audience, making it a perfect choice for those who prefer a more classic and refined aroma.

The fragrance boasts a dominant floral note, melding beautifully with fresh and green undertones, making it an excellent option for spring and summer wear. Woody, sweet, and powdery elements add depth to the scent, broadening its appeal and ensuring it maintains a balanced profile.

In terms of longevity, Pleasures performs moderately well, ensuring wearers can enjoy its lovely aroma throughout the day. The sillage is subtle and not overpowering, allowing for a comfortable and discreet wear, ideal for daily use, leisure, and business settings.

One of the standout aspects of Pleasures is its versatility. While it is most suited for daytime wear, its subtle elegance lends itself well to evening and night out occasions as well. The fragrance is less fitting for winter and sporty environments, but its adaptability makes it a valuable addition to any perfume collection.

Considering the overall quality, scent profile, and moderate performance, Pleasures by Estēe Lauder offers a good value for those seeking a timeless floral fragrance.

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