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Sensuous Noir by Estēe Lauder

Sensuous Noir by Estēe Lauder
Gender: Women
Release date: 2010

Key Notes of Sensuous Noir

What Does Sensuous Noir Smell Like

Sensuous Noir by Estēe Lauder is like a complex symphony of scents. As you first apply the fragrance, you're greeted by a gently spicy scent from the black pepper, which is warmed and softened by the floral notes of rose and the exotic, somewhat mysterious aroma of queen-of-the-night.

The perfume then transitions to a heart dominated by the earthy, green aroma of patchouli. This is accompanied by the decadent scent of crème noir that brings to mind the smell of a dark, rich, and smooth chocolate. Adding to this layer is the sweet and delicate fragrance of lily.

Finally, as the perfume settles, the base notes become more prominent. The resinous and slightly sweet aroma of benzoin is noticeable, mingled with the sweet, comforting scent of honey. The warmth of amber brings a soft, powdery touch, and a hint of vanilla provides a cozy, familiar undertone.

Overall, Sensuous Noir is like a walk in an exotic forest at night. It's a mix of the spicy, the floral, and the sweet – a tapestry of intriguing, comforting aromas that give it a distinctly feminine and sensual character.

Review of Sensuous Noir

Sensuous Noir by Estēe Lauder is a distinctly feminine perfume with an audacious, rich character. It truly shines as a winter to early spring fragrance, ideal for those late evening and night out events. Its scent profile is dominated by a bold woody aroma, complemented by a warm spicy undertone and an oriental backdrop. Notes of sweet florals add a softness to the blend, while the powdery, smoky, and gourmand layers add an interesting complexity. The scent's potency isn't overwhelming but leaves a noticeable trail, and its longevity is impressive, sticking around for a good length of time. In terms of value, this perfume delivers a well-rounded sensory experience that will appeal to mature women who enjoy a bold and robust scent which is not too sweet. It may be too intense for daily or business use, but for special evenings or nights out, it has an appealing resonance. Sensuous Noir is a confident, dynamic fragrance that adds a certain allure to any occasion.

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